#5. "Les Vampires"

If you have more than six hours to spare, you could do worse than watch ten episodes of Loui Feuidalle's masterful black-and-white serial "Les Vampires," debuting on Blu-ray today for the first time ever via Kino Classics. The classic serial follows journalist Philippe Guerande's efforts to expose a vast criminal organization known as the Vampires. Most evasive of all is the Vampire's muse, a seductive assassin that goes by the name of Irma Vep.

Extras: None. But at more than six-and-a-half hours, this set should more than satisfy.

#6. "Korczak"

Considered by many (including Steven Spielberg) to be one of the most important European films about the Holocaust, "Korczak," directed by Academy Award winner Andrzej Wajda ("Katyn") and written by Agnieszka Holland ("In Darkness"), gets the Blu-ray treatment courtesy of Kino Classics, 22 years after it opened in theaters. The stunningly shot black-and-white drama tells the story of Polish pedagogue Janusz Korczak, who refused to abandon the kids from his Warsaw orphanage, even as they were sent to the gas chambers of Treblinka.

Extras: Trailer and a stills gallery.