#4. "Virginia"

Dustin Lance Black makes a move to the director's chair with "Virginia," an oddball Southern tale headlined by Jennifer Connelly. The film, based loosely on Black's own childhood experiences, stars Connelly as a schizophrenic mother engaged in a long-time affair with Mormon sherrif Richard Tipton (Ed Harris). She's struggling to raise her son, who also has the hots for Tipton's daughter (Emma Roberts). The drama received a cool reception at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival, forcing Black to enlist a new editor to help salvage a project he'd been working on for seven years. The retooled "Virginia" has its problems (it's tonally a bit of a mess), but the performances are top notch and it's plenty unusual enough to keep it engaging.

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Extras: A making-of-featurette.

#5. "Hide Away"

In the indie drama "Hide Away," Josh Lucas plays a businessman haunted by his past and unable to make peace with his demons. Directed by "Smoke Signals" filmmaker Chris Eyre and co-starring James Cromwell and Ayelet Zurer, "Hide Away" serves mostly as a showcase for Lucas, who until now has not been afforded a leading man role worthy of his talents. As an unnamed broken down man dealing with a recent tragedy, Lucas excels. He's the reason to check the movie out.

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Extras: Behind-the-scenes footage; making of the film; photo gallery; making-of documentary; and trailer.