The Man of Tai Chi
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The 14th Annual Woodstock Film Festival (WFF), kicking off October 2 through October 6 has unveiled its 2013 line-up of over 150 films, panels, performances and special events. Screenings and events will take place in the historic arts colony of Woodstock and the neighboring towns of Rhinebeck, Rosendale, Saugerties and Kingston, two hours from NYC in the Hudson Valley Catskills.

The festival which is featuring 25 world premieres, includes such special events such as the Kick-Off Screening with Dick Fontaine's "Sonny Rollins Beyond the Notes" with Sonny Rollins as the special guest and a performance by The JD Allen Trio. In addition, the inaugural keynote speech will be delivered by Slava Rubin, CEO Indiegogo.

"This year's lineup is made up of a stimulating collection of independent films that truly push the envelope," said Meira Blaustein, WFF executive director and co-founder. "These films open our eyes and ignite our hearts. We are looking forward to being able to share the filmmaking experience in all of its diverse approaches, with our audience come the beginning of October."

Highlights from the 2013 Woodstock Film Festival with descriptions and credits provided by the event:

Spotlight Films

AT MIDDLETON, directed by Adam Rodgers, (East Coast Premiere), featuring ANDY GARCIA- At Middleton subverts all expectations of a standard college romance, focusing on the bittersweet adult years of two unsatisfied parents who come together in a single afternoon of magic. Vera Farmiga and Andy Garcia star in Adam Rodgers' romantic dramedy as eccentric mother, Edith, and straight-laced father, George, two strangers who come to life in one another's company and decide to play hooky on their respective children's college tour. While At Middleton initially seems to follow the college hopefuls, Edith and George quickly steal the focus of what becomes a revealing and enlightening experience for the two adults. The parents come together despite their opposing temperaments in an afternoon reminiscent of their lost youth, ditching the textbook tour for a crash course in the pursuit of passion.

COLD TURKEY, directed by Will Slocombe, (New York Premiere), featuring PETER BOGDANOVICH- Will Slocombe's Thanksgiving dramedy Cold Turkey follows a holiday reunion turned raconteur hair-raiser when Turner patriarch, Poppy (Peter Bogdanovich), has to face the moral and fiscal responsibilities of fatherhood.

An autobiographical picture inspired by Slocombe's family experiences, Cold Turkey confronts not only the trying nature of sibling hood but the underlying value in shared upbringing, revealing the safe-haven that an otherwise train wreck of a reunion can provide to a family torn by individual differences and times past. Slocombe innovatively plays with would-be antiquated themes of family drama, with Cheryl Hines starring as the not-so-evil stepmother, Alicia Witt as the "insane" outcast daughter and Ashton Holmes and Sonya Walger as the semi-innocent bystander siblings. While Cold Turkey might encourage hesitance for the holiday season, it will be sure to instill in its audience the belief that home is where the heart is – and that goes without a price

MAN OF TAI CHI, directed by Keanu Reeves, (East Coast Premiere), Reeves' DIRECTORIAL DEBUT starring alongside The Matrix stuntman, TIGER CHEN- Set in modern Beijing," Man of Tai Chi" marks Keanu Reeves' directorial debut. The spectacular martial-arts epic stars " Matrix" stuntman Tiger Chen and features fight choreography by the legendary Yuen Woo-ping.

Also starring Reeves, " Man of Tai Chi"follows the spiritual journey of a young martial artist whose unparalleled Tai Chi skills land him in a highly lucrative underworld fight club. As the fights intensify, so does his will to balance pacifist principles with violent impulses.

Centerpiece Film

THE MOTEL LIFE, directed by Alan and Gabe Polsky, (U.S. Premiere), featuring STEPHEN DORFF-"The Motel Life" explores the intense bond between two brothers living on the fringes of Reno, Nevada. They grew up dependent on each other and their big imaginations to escape the challenges of their transient life. When the brothers are involved in a fatal accident, it forces them to choose between running or facing reality. It's a story of brotherhood, shared dreams and the redemptive power of hope.

Special Screening

BREASTMILK, directed by Dana Ben-Ari (North American Premiere)-Breastmilk, directed by Dana Ben-Ari, takes a daring look at the world surrounding breast milk, bringing the clandestine world surrounding breastfeeding to the forefront. The documentary not only confronts our modern persepctives on breastfeeding but delves beneath the surface in uncovering what exactly has led us to treat breast milk as "liquid gold" and breasts as overtly sexual iconography. Breastmilk is brilliant in revealing the guilt, humor and controversy surrounding breast milk while providing a unique look at this lesser understood challenge of parenthood. Breastmilk will be presented by award-winning TV host and actress, Ricki Lake, who will lead a discussion following the screening.

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