European Films Top the Zurich Film Festival Awards
[Photo courtesy of the Zurich Film Festival] A scene from Srdjan Kolijevic's "The Woman with a Broken Nose."

The Zurich Film Festival has switched around its competition to work with a total of three categories: "International Feature Film," "International Documentary Film," and "Focus: Switzerland, Germany, Austria." Those first two categories already existed, but the third is being added to showcase films from those three countries more pointedly, creating an overall optimized competition structure.  

And the prizes are looking better too. The Golden Eye in each of the two main categories will be endowed with 25,000 Swiss francs, with the winner of the Golden Eye in the Focus category receiving 20,000 Swiss francs. The winning film from each of the three categories also receives an additional 100,000 Swiss francs worth of distribution support. First, second or third directional works are eligible for entry. 

Additionally, ZFF is introducing a new prize: 10,000 Swiss francs, in recognition of the festival's "Swiss Made" commitment. All Swiss films by a first, second or third time director are eligible.

The 10th Zurich Film Festival takes place from September 25-October 5, 2014.