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At 77-Years-Old, Bruce Dern Finally Receives His Due

"It was the event of a lifetime in my career,” Bruce Dern told Indiewire late last year, shortly before Alexander Payne’s “Nebraska” opened in select theaters.

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No kidding. At 77-years-old, the veteran actor who’s starred in roughly 80 films is finally receiving the attention he’s long deserved. For his wry and sad turn in the black-and-white drama, Dern won the Cannes Best Actor Award (beating out some tough competition including Michael Douglas and Matt Damon for “Behind the Candelabra”), has been nominated for a Golden Globe, and is all but assured an Oscar nod.

In "Nebraska,” the actor – typically cast as deranged villains (most recently in “Django Unchained”) -- stars opposite "Saturday Night Live" alum Will Forte as a father on an aimless mission to claim a million-dollar sweepstakes prize that doesn't exist. Having received a scam letter in the mail, Woody (Dern) continually wanders away from his home in Montana to net his wealth, upsetting his wife Kate (June Squibb). Growing weary of picking up his father on random street corners, David (Forte) -- a down-on-his-luck electronics salesman -- decides to drive his dad to Lincoln, Nebraska while stopping at their relatives' home along the way.

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“I love Bruce Dern,” Dern’s co-star in the film, June Squibb, told Indiewire. Squibb, nominated for a Golden Globe as well, plays Dern’s no holds barred wife in the film. “After working with him in ‘Nebraska,’ I feel he is one of my best friends and an actor I want to work with again and again. He's great.”

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