"Game of Thrones" Season Three
"Game of Thrones" Season Three

Meanwhile, Sunday night's other must-watch, "Game of Thrones," has come down to earth after two strong episodes. Not to say that "Kissed By Fire" was a bad episode, but it was more uneventful -- nobody lost their hand, for instance -- but it certainly didn't lose anyone's interest. On the contrary, there were a couple surprising developments and anticipation continues to soar.

David Chute, Thompson On Hollywood:

    "The bigger plot shockers in this installment -- Tywin Lannister's betrothal announcements -- are offered to us in a great scene with triangulated killer glances, but they are actually upstaged by the gratifying spectacle of characters going beyond what we expect of them, for better and for worse..."

Katie Walsh, The Playlist:

    "All in all, while relatively low on real action, this is a strong, densely plotted episode with many story elements and twists, reminding us about some of the more magical and supernatural elements of this world, and setting things up for a massive clash of armies in short order."

Of particular note, Jaime and Brienne develop a genuine friendship by sharing a story that tugs at the heart strings.

Nathan Campeau, Having Said That:

    "Jaime Lannister continues to make himself more human to us every week, as well as add depth to the relationship between himself and Brienne.  Their conversation in the bath started as being more awkward than anything else, but as Jaime begin to tell his story about the Mad King it was easy to forget the uncomfortableness of the situation...[it was a] surprisingly intimate scene between the two of them."