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Stay Home!

Ai Weiwei, alongside his career as one of the world’s most influential artists, has also directed a number of documentaries which examine the social and political conditions in modern China. The brand-new ‘Stay Home!’ represents his practice as a documentarist, where the activity of registering and collecting undesired and otherwise invisible testimonies itself constitutes the ‘work’ itself, in a protest against the indifference of a regime with absolute power. ‘Stay Home!’ unravels the case of the young woman Liu Ximei, who as a 10-year-old was infected with HIV at a hospital after an accident during the harvest – a far too common tragedy, which is partly the product of the country’s strict one-child policy. For Ximei is the family’s second child, and as a result there is no medical help available, even though it was the health care system that made her ill in the first place. By contrast, the black market is an option, but even here the risk of becoming ill is bigger than the chance of being cured. [Courtesy of CPH: DOX]