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Andrew Bujalski

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    Sundance 2013: 5 Exclusive Animated GIFs From Andrew Bujalski's 'Computer Chess'

    Writer-director Andrew Bujalski is making his first trip to the Sundance Film Festival this month, with his NEXT <=> section comedy “Computer Chess.” The film will have its world premiere Jan. 21, at 5:30 pm at the Library Center Theatre, and Indiewire has some exclusive clips from...

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    Andrew Bujalski Crowd-Funding His Next Film, The 1980s-Set 'Computer Chess'

    Though he's cited as the "godfather" of the mumblecore movement, very rarely will you hear the films of Andrew Bujalski being discussed or written about. The Bostonian's three fantastic, cream-of-the-crop features unfortunately get the short straw when it comes to conversation and respect; instead, film critics spend time writing overwrought dissertations on third-rate mumblies or one of the twelve Joe Swanberg movies that are in production per season. In 2009, the filmmaker dropped "Beeswax," a quiet yet oddly tense story about twin sisters, one of which is getting wrapped up in legal troubles. Unlike his brood, Bujalski has the patience to ...

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