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Aunt Hilda!

Aunt Hilda lives for her plants. While she nurtures a paradise of blooms inside her fairytale-like glass palace, a powerful multinational company is developing in its genetic laboratory a new miracle plant called ‘Attilem’. This incredibly strong, fast-growing breed is designed to end the world’s food shortages – and to provide the firm’s domineering boss Dolorés with untold wealth. Aunt Hilda suspects no good will come of it but her angry protests put her behind bars. The professor who developed Attilem is all too aware of its dangers and also finds himself threatened. By the time they are released it seems all hope is lost: fields of the wonder plant are spreading at an alarming rate and mutant plants are attacking and eradicating other plants. It’s high time for Aunt Hilda and the professor to go into battle. [Synopsis courtesy of Berlinale]