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5XFavela – Agora por nós mesmos

Five middle class young filmmakers made a film called “5XFavela” in 1961. It was one of the founding films of the Cinema Novo movement. Now Carlos Diegues and Renata de Almeida Magalhães have produced “5XFavela – Agora por nós mesmos” (this time by us) written, directed and made by young filmmakers who are residents of favelas in Rio de Janeiro, trained in professional workshops administered by big names in Brazilian cinema, like Nelson Pereira dos Santos, Ruy Guerra, Walter Lima Jr., Daniel Filho, Walter Salles, Fernando Meirelles, João Moreira Salles and many others. The task? Make five fiction shorts, 20 minutes each, about different aspects of life in their communities (“community” is the politically correct term for “favela”).