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Small Small Thing

SMALL SMALL THING – THE OLIVIA ZINNAH STORY , is a feature documentary about the high-profile case of Liberian rape victim Olivia Zinnah, who died from her injuries in 2012 at the age of 12 despite five years of medical treatments and the intervention of the Liberian government.

The documentary opens with nine-year-old Olivia, who was brought to JFK Hospital in Monrovia, Liberia with acute, life-threatening injuries. Doctors employ numerous surgeries to stabilize her condition. Through her injuries, the doctors deduce that Olivia suffered a brutal sexual assault at the hands of a family member when she was seven years old. As the extent of the sexual assault is revealed to hospital personnel and the authorities, Olivia and her mother struggle with the increasingly difficult consequences. As more of the disturbing story emerges, the allegations cause strife and separation in their Liberian village.

Despite the attempts of the Monrovia authorities and intervention from the government officials to bring her attacker to justice, the filmmakers increasingly uncover a tangled web of political jockeying, government and medical mismanagement.