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The Black Balloon (2012)

While moving 40 kids, all by himself, across six New York City blocks, a stressed man accidentally loses a bouquet of a hundred balloons. A lone black balloon in the bunch learns that humans are complicated creatures with extreme highs and lows, but full of life nonetheless. The Black Balloon is in one part a children’s film and the other a Sci-Fi.

Daddy Longlegs

After months of living a solitary existence, Lenny, 34, picks up his kids from school. Every year he spends a couple of weeks with his sons Sage, 9, and Frey, 7. Lenny hosts his kids within a midtown studio apartment in New York City. During these two weeks, he must figure out if he wants to act as their father or be their friend. Ultimately, their trip upstate results in complete lawlessness taking over their lives.