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Late Bloomers

A romantic comedy about a successful couple adjusting to retirement and life after 60.

The dilemma between staying active while also “looking back” is at the core of “Late Bloomers.” In the film, a happy and high-functioning couple, Mary (Rossellini) and Adam (Hurt), find themselves trapped by the natural and artificial problems of “old age.” And when both realize, to their surprise, that they have entered the senior category, the two react in completely opposite ways.

Adam’s actions are as frantic as his denial; he desperately looks for a fountain of youth, and even flirts with the idea of having a love affair. On the other hand, Mary decides to deal with the situation by doing what she does best: taking care of her husband and family. But her “preparations for aging,” though comically malicious, frighten her friends and family.

A clash soon becomes inevitable, and a separation, ineluctable. Children, grandchildren, parents and friends try to reconcile them, but shouldn’t they trust life to follow its course? Or is nature itself one of the film’s obstacles to overcome? [Synopsis courtesy of ComingSoon]