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The Student (2016)

Veniamin, a teenager in the midst of a mystical crisis, has his mother, schoolmates and entire high school turned upside down by his questions.
– Can girls go to their swimming classes in bikinis?
Does sex education have a place in school?
– Should the theory of evolution be taught as part of the Natural Sciences?
The adults are soon overwhelmed by the certitudes of the youngster who swears only by Scripture.
No one but Elena, his biology teacher, will alone challenge him on his own ground. [Synopsis courtesy of Cannes Film Festival]


A man and a woman, two casual acquaintances, learn that their respective spouses are having an affair with each other. This discovery drives them to do things they didn’t dare to do before. What will prevail—the feeling of jealousy or the passion? What to choose—revenge or forgiveness? The protagonists are looking for something to build a new life upon, but it is not easy: their every action is infl uenced by the fact of infi delity, and this infi delity has its own logic. [Synopsis courtesy of Venice Film Festival]