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Water & Power: A California Heist

This thrilling investigation uncovers the high-level corruption behind California’s long-standing water crisis. Sweeping cinematography of California’s harsh, dry landscape asks us to visualize a fight for water in what feels like a modern day Chinatown. Filmmaker Marina Zenovich peels back the layers of California’s convoluted water structure—wealthy water barons show their guilty hand in exploiting […]

Roman Polanski: Odd Man Out

A follow-up to the 2008 documentary “Roman Polanski: Wanted And Desired”, focusing on the filmmaker’s successful battle to avoid extradition in to the U.S. in 2010.

Fantastic Lies

With the help of key participants, we reveal what really happened at the Duke Lacrosse team party which went terribly wrong on March 13th, 2006. Ten years on, there are still many important questions to be asked when it comes to this case. Why did this story touch such a raw nerve? What does it tell us about attitudes towards race, sex, privilege, sports and money in America? [Synopsis courtesy of SXSW]

Richard Pryor: Omit the Logic

This moving portrait of legendary comedian Richard Pryor chronicles his life from his troubled youth in Peoria, Illinois, to his meteoric rise as one of the most respected comic actors of the 20th century. Often misunderstood during the height of his celebrity, the late superstar has never been profiled this extensively. Marina Zenovich’s revealing and entertaining film lays bare the demons with which he struggled and reminds us just how daring and dangerous artistic freedom can be.