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13 Minutes

While his country is metastasizing under National Socialism, Johann Georg Elser cannot look the other way anymore – he simply needs to act.  In November 1939, in Munich’s Bürgerbräukeller, site of Hitler’s annual ‘Beer Hall putsch’ speech, he nearly succeeded in ending World War II almost before it began. The bomb Elser had personally assembled would […]

Caught in Flight

The last two years of Princess Diana’s life: her campaign against land mines and her relationship with surgeon Dr Hasnat Khan.

Five Minutes of Heaven

The story of former UVF member Alistair Little. Twenty-five years after Little killed Joe Griffen’s brother, the media arrange an auspicious meeting between the two.


Only 13 minutes were lacking for carpenter Georg Elser to have changed the course of world history. On 8 November 1939 he placed a bomb behind Adolf Hitler’s lectern in a Munich beer cellar. But the ‘Führer’ left the building earlier than planned and hence survived the assassination which could have possibly led to an earlier end of World War II. Oliver Hirschbiegel, who already traced the final days of the criminal Nazi dictatorship in Downfall, illuminates the background to this courageous act and creates a memorial for ‘little George’ from the Swabian Alps. [Synopsis courtesy of Berlinale]