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Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth

Alice Walker’s extraordinary journey from sharecropper’s daughter to activist, journalist, poet and Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist of The Color Purple comes to vivid life in this compelling and inspirational documentary. Courting controversy through her life choices (relationships with white men, and later with women), her work and her outspoken political advocacy, Walker emerges as a vibrant, fiercely intelligent and dedicated woman who has defied the odds to become one of this generation’s most fascinating figures. Her personal and professional accomplishments, reflected against a period of progress, violence and upheaval, celebrate fulfillment and self-expression against forces that conspire to silence and marginalize outsiders. Featuring testimonials from collaborators and peers (including Steven Spielberg, Yoko Ono, Sapphire, Gloria Steinem, Jewelle Gomez, Quincy Jones and Peter Guber) as well as intimate interviews with Walker herself, director Pratibha Parmar offers rare insight into a complicated and provocative artist.