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Quentin Dupieux

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    Interview: 'Rubber' Helmer Quentin Dupieux Talks Killer Pic, Says 'Inception' Is "Not Cool & Boring"

    Reveals His Next Project 'Wrong' Is About A Missing Dog But He'd Rather Not Try And Pitch ItThere are few films we can think of as singularly weird as "Rubber." The story, following a vindictive, lovelorn tire that goes on a killing rampage in a small Southwestern town, is strange and oddly affecting – a tale of loneliness, where the protagonist just happens to be a rubber wheel. And this is before you start talking about the audience who is "watching" the movie unfold (and getting picked off one by one). Hearing the premise for "Rubber," your first thought is probably, "Who the hell came up with this?" Well, that'd be French filmmaker and mu...

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