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These five directors couldn’t be more different, and at first glance they don’t have anything in common. And yet, if you take a look at their biographies, you will notice that one name connects them all: Rosa von Praunheim – probably Germany’s most uninhibited, confrontational and honest director. To commemorate his seventieth birthday, these ‘Rosakinder’ (‘pink children’) as they call themselves have created this cinematic tribute. As they talk about their own careers and how they came to work in film, Rosa von Praunheim’s influence upon key phases of their lives and creative output becomes apparent.
Each of these directors has created their own, personal film about their relationship with Rosa. The resulting work is a vibrant genre mix in a documentary setting out of which their mentor begins to emerge as a father figure – with all his creativity, urge to be innovative, defiance, violence, provocation, insecurity and love. The kind of father with whom you sometimes argue so much you could punch him; but also the kind you call when all you want to do is be alone and not talk to anyone. [Synopsis courtesy of Berlinale]


In keeping with the image of a modern family, Konrad (43) stayed home in recent years and took care of his two daughters. Meanwhile, his wife Christine pursued her career as an anaesthetist and provided for the family. After a long, and not entirely voluntary break, Konrad has the chance to return to his job as a theatre director. However, Konrad`s attempt to emancipate himself from the now entrenched gender roles within his family life proves to be more difficult than expected.
Christine struggles to take her husband`s new role seriously and the children fight hard to keep the dad at home. Moreover, their au pair Isabel proves to be an additional burden. The resulting organisational and emotional chaos between daily life, family, and self-realisation reveals deeper cracks in Konrad and Christine`s relationship, and threatens to rip the family apart. [Synopsis courtesy of Berlinale]