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Autumn of the Magician

Documentary portrait about director of photography Tonino Guerra, a man with an extraordinarily rich inner world that does not resemble our usual reality at all His whose literary works are included in school programs and at the university level, whose movies, shot with Antonioni and Fellini, received the most prestigious international awards and became the classics of the genre. „ Once upon a time there was an angel with a mustache, who couldn’t do anything either on Earth or in the sky. One day he entered the cabin of a hunter and started to feed stuffed birds with grain. Everybody was laughing at him. But one day the stuffed birds came back to life. They flapped their wings and flied to the sky. Everybody was laughing, but this time it was with joy. The angel with a mustache was laughing too. If we had enough imagination, these birds would come back to life too. And they would fly to the sky. Because magic exists! [Courtesy of the Central and East European Film Market]