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Finally free after two decades in prison, Mekko finds himself homeless in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He struggles to find his way in the outside world until he’s welcomed into an unconventional community of Native Americans. It is amongst these new companions that Mekko discovers a darkness that threatens to destroy them all from within. Haunted by his past, Mekko begins a quest for revenge to save his friends and himself. [Synopsis courtesy of LA Film Festival]

This May Be the Last Time

In 1962, filmmaker Sterlin Harjo’s grandfather disappeared mysteriously in Sasakwa, Oklahoma, and as the Seminole community searched for him, its members sang ancient songs of faith and hope. Harjo returns to the Sundance Film Festival for the fourth time with his first feature-length documentary, which explores the disappearance of his grandfather and the origins of these songs. Interviewing everyday people and the faith keepers of his tribe with his delicate touch and gentle inquiry, Harjo traces the creation of their songs, which commemorate a great time of upheaval from their homeland when United States policy dictated their relocation. Along the way, he learns that his tribe’s singing style is tied to traditions that originated in Scotland, Appalachia, and the experiences of enslaved African Americans. [Synopsis courtesy of Sundance Film Festival]