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Berlin International Film Festival

Berlin International Film Festival Photos

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    Palast Prep

    At the Berlinale Palast Wednesday, workers construct platforms for the red carpet that will heat up with arrivals tonight (Thursday), when the Berlin International Film Festival opens.
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    Ticket Time

    At the Arkaden, the shopping mall in Potsdamer Platz (site of many of the Berlinale theaters), patrons line-up to buy tickets on the day before the Berlin International Film Festival was set to begin.
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    German Chancellor Visits European Film Market

    Crowds trying to go through the main entrance to the European Film Market were diverted through a back entrance this afternoon in Berlin in anticipation of the arrival of Germany's new Chancellor, Angela Merkel. No doubt giving an official push to the market, which more than doubled in size this year, Merkel (center) visited various booths in the large venue. Merkel is seen here exiting the German films section at the market with Berlin International Film Festival head Dieter Kosslick and Beki Probst, the head of the European Film Market.
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    Von Schiller and Speck Meet Gloria Viagra at the Opening Night Party

    At the opening night Berlinale party, Panorama heads Margaret Von Schiller and Weiland Speck with local Berlin notable, Gloria Viagra.
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    On the Red Carpet at Opening Night

    A German actress leaving the Berlinale opening night party causes a stir among the roving photographers.
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    One More Press Day for "Pluto"

    "Breakfast on Pluto" star Cillian Murphy thought he had finished doing press for the film, which earned him a Golden Globe nomination for best actor. But, it was off to the Berlinale for another engagement for the film and international press. Murphy, pictured here with the film's producer Alan Moloney, hung out with transvestites while preparing for the role of Kitten in the film and said their needs were pretty basic: To be loved, and to look pretty.
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    A Berlin Drag

    A couple of gals got all dolled up for the Teddy party at the Homebase Independents Lounge last weekend in Berlin. The Teddy Award is given to the best gay film at the Berlinale.
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    Berlinale a Trois

    When all the parties are over, there's always the Independents Lounge (last year known as the Panorama Bar) near Potsdamer Platz. Having a good ole time here is Outfest executive director Stephen Gutwillig (left), actress/producer Mia Riverton ("Red Doors") who is taking part in this year's Talent Campus at the Berlinale, and Rudi Furstberger of German company Rosebud Entertainment.
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    Takashi Speaks

    Japanese director Takashi Miike, in Berlin for his film "Big Bang Love," said he'd like to do his own version of a spaghetti Western, and wants to do a film that is more violent then the Hong Kong material. "There's an audience that likes my films, but they're certainly not mainstream" Takashi said through an interpreter. Pictured with Takashi (right) is "Big Bang Love" actor, Masanobu Ando.
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    Marilyn Manson's "Phantasmagoric" Visit

    Goth rocker Marilyn Manson was almost in his full regalia Sunday in Berlin for a press announcement of his new biopic project "Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll," which he will direct and star in this coming summer. Manson, pictured here with model Lily Cole who will also star in the film, said he relates to the troubled "Alice in Wonderland" author's life. Manson also said film is an important creative passion for him personally. "I feel more of a student of film then music," he said during the press conference, and added that when he makes a record he envisions it "like a film."

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