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Florida Film Festival



  • The Florida Film Festival has a special category for films about food!
  • The Florida Film Festival is produced by Enzian.

Florida Film Festival

One of the oldest festivals in Florida, it's the Grand Dame of fests in the Sunshine State. Organizers of the Florida Film Festival don't just program the weekend-long festival and then return to their civilian life afterward: the founders and day-to-day heads of the festival run the Enzian Theater, a year-round venue that celebrates specialty film, located outside Orlando in the much more charming town of Winter Park. The Enzian is a gem of a theater where many of the festival's line up plays - at least once - and that in itself is well worth going for the true cinema lover. The theater sits among beautiful grounds of trees with hanging Spanish moss, and patrons can order up some delicious meals and booze during the screening (and don't worry, somehow they manage to do it without much distraction).

So what's not to love? Well, filmmakers in the past have complained that one hotel used by the festival is on the gross side, though the fest also tends to use a local mid-range chain as well - usually meant for jurors, special guests, and those who rank higher on the film food chain. The festival's other screening venue, a multiplex at a nearby mall, is decently nice, and not a far walk from the Enzian, but this being Florida... If you don't have a car at your disposal, transportation (a theme we constantly worry about) is still a challenge. And while FFF may not have the same funding as its brethren events in Sarasota or Miami (though even those might be affected by the economy) or their off-the-hook parties, it still makes a big effort to bring in and house its invitees. FFF has a lot of heart and is a good option for a regional fest.

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