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Hot Docs

  • Bronx Obama

    Louis Ortiz, a down on his luck 40-something Puerto Rican resident of the Bronx, looks in the mirror one day and believes he’s found gold—he’s a dead ...

    director: Ryan Murdock
    festivals: Hot Docs
  • Bugarach

    No one took much notice of Bugarach until the world was coming to an end. In early 2012, the citizens of this tiny village in the south of France are ...

  • The Boy from Geita

    Adam is known as the ghost of his Tanzanian village. Born with albinism, a genetic condition that affects skin pigment, Adam’s white complexion sets h...

    director: Vic Sarin
    festivals: Hot Docs
  • Bintou

    A third world away from the glamour of Europe’s fashion scene, an enterprising designer dreams of showing her gowns on Paris runways. Young and determ...

    director: Simone Catharina Gaul
    festivals: Hot Docs
  • The Beijing Ants

    Move over Tokyo, London and New York! Beijing, where rents have reached over $11,000 CAD per square metre, is soon to be the most expensive city in th...

    director: Ryuji Otsuka
    writer: Ryuji Otsuka
    festivals: Hot Docs
  • Before the Last Curtain Falls

    When the Belgian contemporary dance/ballet production Gardenia opened in 2010 starring aging gay and trans ex-cabaret artists, it became an internatio...

    director: Thomas Wallner
    festivals: Hot Docs
  • The Backward Class

    The students of Shanti Bhavan residential school in Bangalore, India, imagine a future that defies their “untouchable” caste. Ostracized and oppressed...

    director: Madeleine Grant
    writer: Madeleine Grant
    festivals: Hot Docs
  • Alfred and Jakobine

    In the summer of 1955, Alfred and Jakobine were crazy for adventure and each other. They married as impetuously as they decided to drive around the wo...

    director: Jonathan Howells, Tom Roberts
    festivals: Hot Docs
  • Absences

    Carole Laganière dives deeply into personal territory in this beautifully crafted exploration of absence and loss and its painful effect on daily live...

    director: Carole Laganière
    writer: Carole Laganière
    festivals: Hot Docs
  • 112 Weddings

    Filmmaker Doug Block (51 Birch Street) has been working on the side as a wedding videographer for nearly 20 years. In that time, he has accumulated hu...

    director: Doug Block
    festivals: Hot Docs

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