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Tribeca Film Festival

Tribeca Film Festival Photos

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    Rosenthal Works the Press Conference

    Tribeca Film Festival co-founder Jane Rosenthal at the festival's opening news conference at Borough of Manhattan Community College Monday afternoon. Many press members directed questions to Robert De Niro, but it was Rosenthal who comandeered the show. During the event, she expressed hope the festival's market will evolve and that the new neighborhoods that will host TFF screenings this year will embrace the festival.
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    Peter Scarlet with Jeffrey Wright at Tribeca

    Tribeca Film Institute board member (and actor) Jeffrey Wright with festival executive director Peter Scarletat the Tribeca Film Festival's NY, NY section kick off party.
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    The Filmmaker's Party

    Pictured at the filmmaker's party at The Apple Store Soho last week at the Tribeca Film Festival, Terry 'Coyote' Murphy, subject of the TFF film "Native New Yorker" with Stevan Riley, director of "Blue Blood."
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    "Burke & Willis"; Zeremes & Torr

    Hanging out at the Tribeca Film Festival Filmmakers' party at the Apple Store Soho last week, "Burke & Willis" directors/writers/co-stars Matthew Zeremes and Oliver Torr. The duo are currently working on their next project, "Parasite."
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    Tribeca All Access Winners

    More from Tribeca '06: Tribeca All Access participant Lacey Schwartz at the awards ceremony at Bridge Chinese restaurant Saturday. She won the program's Documentary section prize for her work-in-progress, "Outside the Box." Joining her on stage for the post-ceremony mini-crush of photos is Milton Liu who won the screenplay section prize for "John Hughes Ruined My Life."
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    "Bomb It" Downtown

    Into the Spring air, "Bomb It" producer Tracy Wares and director John Reiss outside the Tribeca Cinemas in Lower Manhattan. Their Tribeca Film Festival world doc competition film takes a look at contemporary guerilla graffiti from around the world, capturing street artists in action from Capetwon, Sao Paulo, NYC, LA, Barcelona, Berlin and beyond... The film also takes a look at how New York's "quality of life" laws has impacted graffiti.
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    Doc Directors at "She's My Brother" party

    A meeting of the documentary minds... "Control Room" director Jehane Noujaim (who is serving on the world doc competition jury), "51 Birch Street" director Doug Block, and Esther Robinson whose doc "A Walk into the Sea: Danny Williams and the Warhol Factory" is screening at the Tribeca Film Festival. The group happened upon each other at the party for "Alexis Arquette: She's My Brother" by Matthew Barbato in New York's Meatpacking district.
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    TRIBECA '08 | Apple Chat with Morris

    "Standard Operating Procedure" director Errol Morris kicked off indieWIRE's filmmaker chats at the Apple store in SoHo during the Tribeca Film Festival. About the film, which investigates the story behind the notorious Abu Ghraib scandal, Morris says, "The movie was not meant to attack anybody. It was meant to explore a story that, I felt, no one had bothered to tell: the story of the pictures and the people who took them," in a recent interview with Howard Feinstein for iW.
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    TRIBECA '08 | Korine and b

    More from Tribeca '08: Probably the best chance to ever get in the hottest place one earth at the moment with a low ceiling is this joint (and somehow immune from the no smoking law in NYC?) Plus, the clientele is honestly sort of too much... though in a sort of Us kind of way... Though some of that rumor may be just from the chattering classes.... Anyway, we digress... A cool part of last week was hanging (or seeing) "Mr. Lonely" director Harmony Korine with fashion designer Agnes b. (um, Agnes f'n b god damnit!!! And we owe her lots of $$$$ -euros-) at the Beatrice Inn in Greenwich Village in New York. (Go there... 285 W. 12th St. -- you won't believe the warm reception...) A DAMN good party for "Lonely," merci Agnes and ifc. Where's Andy?
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    TRIBECA '08 | The Peeps with the $$

    Tribeca Film Festival founders Jane Rosenthal and Robert DeNiro toward the end of the awards ceremony at the Target Room, which you know... Honestly, was a surprisingly a good show. The awards were fun. And congrats! to Tomas Alfredson for "Let the Right One In" who won the big bucks (even with the shitty dollar-- thanks Bush) who won the Founders Award for Best Narative Feature and to Gini Reticker for "Pray the Devil Back to Hell" taking best doc.... (also big bucks -- $25 Ks all around, not bad!). To check out all the winners and all that, go to this.

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