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Woodstock Film Festival

Woodstock Film Festival Photos

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    Harcourt @ Brunch

    This morning at the Woodstock Film Festival, disc jockey Nic Harcourt greets guests who got up early for a tasty brunch at The Emerson. Later, the KCRW regular participated in a festival music panel.
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    Bingham in Woodstock

    Checking in at the Woodstock Film Festival on Saturday, former United Artists chief Bingham Ray.
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    Bujalski on the air...

    At the festival, filmmaker Andrew Bujalski talks with a local radio reporter about his new film, "Mutual Appreciation." Bujalski's "Funny Ha Ha" had its debut at the festival and he returned this year with his new movie.
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    Logue, Greaves, and Buscemi

    Directors Donal Logue, William Greaves and Steve Buscemi gather for a quick shot at the Woodstock Film Festival this weekend.
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    Patti, Andrew, Bob, Jeanne, and David

    Hanging out at a party at Michael Christopher's house at the Woodstock Film Festival this weekend are (left to right) Patti Edwards from the festival, attorney/rep Andrew Hurwitz, Picturehoue head Bob Berney, his wife Jeanne Berney, a longtime industry publicist, and reporter David D'arcy.
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    Chatting Backstage

    In a photo captured by guest iPOPer Jeanne Berney, Rachel Boynton ("Our Brand is Crisis") and Heidi Ewing ("The Boys of Baraka") chat back stage before a panel discussion at the Woodstock Film Festival.
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    Jay and Jeff

    "Gretchen producer Jay Van Hoy with "Chalk"'s Jeff Guerrero hanging out at an afternoon festival reception.
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    John and Allen

    Pictured after a Saturday panel discussion at the Woodstock Film Festival are film critic John Anderson with "Hollywoodland" director Allen Coulter, who made his name as a director of such hit HBO shows as "Six Feet Under" and "The Sopranos".
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    Eileen, Anne, Lisa, and Barbara

    Hanging out at the Woodstock Film Festival's Sunday brunch are (left to right): NVR's Eileen Newman, Kodak's Anne Hubbell, and doc directors Lisa Gossels and Barbara Hammer ("Lover Other").
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    Katja and Meira

    Filmmaker Katja Esson, director of the Oscar-nominated doc short "Ferry Tales" and in Woodstock with her new short, "A Season of Madness," with Woodstock Film Festival co-founder and executive director Meira Blaustein at the festival's Sunday brunch.

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