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City of Life and Death

  • SydneysBuzz  News

    Fandor, On-Demand Movie Service, Launches in Canada

    Leading the field of VOD services like Netflix and HULU Plus, which carry enormous amount of films and TV shows; however, for those who look for the fully "indie" experience Fandor is the best alternative, and will now be available for Canadian audiences.

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  • Indiewire  News

    Chinese Film Pulled from U.S. Theatrical Release

    It has been a controversial path to theatrical release for Lu Chaun's "City of Life and Death." The film - which National Geographic picked up just prior to its international premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival - had been scheduled to make its theatrical debut at New York City's Film...

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  • Indiewire  Reviews

    REVIEW | The Horrors of Bearing Witness: Lu Chuan's "City of Life and Death"

    War movies produced by commercial film industries have a tendency to show any given conflict not as it is or was, but as the side footing the bill for the film would like for it have been. The essential moral irony of war — that acts that would be considered revoltingly inhumane if committed in the name of the individual are not only sanctioned but celebrated when committed in the name of country –– has rarely been reflected on screen as honestly as in "City of Life and Death," Lu Chuan’s stunning dramatic take on the 1937 Japanese invasion of Nanking, China. Unafraid to depict the blurring of moral boundaries on either side of the conflict,...

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