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District 9

  • The Playlist  News

    Neill Blomkamp Has Written An 18-Page Treatment For 'District 10,' Turned Down Chance To Work On New 'Star Wars'

    Most directors would kill to have the kind of support (personally backed by Peter Jackson) and success ($210 million worldwide, Best Picture nomination) Neill Blomkamp did on this feature debut, "District 9." And some filmmakers might have felt pressured to keep Hollywood in their favor, and undoubt...

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  • The Playlist  News

    Neill Blomkamp Says There Were Too Many Cooks In The 'Halo' Kitchen, Talks Sequels & Franchises

    Sony Pictures are finally on the promotional path for "Elysium," the Matt Damon-starring sci-fi film, written and directed by Neill Blomkamp, the filmmaker behind "District 9." Like his Peter Jackson-produced debut, which was set in a post-apocalyptic future in Johannesburg, dealing with issues like...

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  • Indiewire  News

    USC Scripter Noms Announced

    The nominees for the 2009 Scripter Award were announced this evening. The annual honor has been given since 1989 by the Friends of the USC Libraries to the best realization of an english language book adapted to film. It's often a decent suggestion as to what might come of the Academy's adapted screenplay category, and the last two years both winners here - "Slumdog Millionaire" and "No Country For Old Men" have gone on to receive Oscars. The nominees are listed below, including surprise entries "Crazy Heart" and "District 9," the latter of which is surprising in that it is actually adapted from a short film and not a book. Notable snubs in...

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  • Caryn James  Reviews

    Top Ways (Sarcastic and Not) Futuristic 'Elysium' Reflects Today

    Matt Damon can save almost any film for me, and the perfectly competent, entirely predictable Elysium may be where "almost" kicks in. Like most summer action movies -- from Man of Steel to World War Z -- it has an intriguing premise that gets lost mid-way through in the barrage of special effect...

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