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The Campaign

  • Leonard Maltin  Reviews

    The Campaign—movie review

    'The Campaign' has a lot of genuine laughs. Too bad it doesn’t have enough to carry it over the finish line, a mere 85 minutes after it begins. The biggest mystery to me is how experienced comedy hands, on both sides of the camera, can allow their movie to end with a punchline joke that doesn’t get ...

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  • The Playlist  Reviews

    Review: 'The Campaign' Is A Laughless And Cowardly Political Comedy

    There’s always been something insidious about the MPAA ratings system. It has allowed filmmakers to more directly label films as if they were products off the supermarket shelf -- “The Dark Knight Rises” is going to be PG-13, because it’s about a character kids wear on their jammies. “American Pie” ...

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  • Caryn James  Reviews

    'The Campaign' Asks: Does Baby-Punching Kill A Political Career? (Review)

    The funniest scene in the political spoof The Campaign  -- and there are plenty -- has nothing to do with politics even though it takes place at a debate. The Democratic candidate played by Will Ferrell is clueless, womanizing Cam Brady, desperate to save his Congressional seat, not to men...

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