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The Beaver

  • Leonard Maltin  Reviews

    movie review: The Beaver

    I didn’t want to read a word about The Beaver before seeing it, and I’m glad I went in “cold.” It’s a purposefully odd little film about mental illness and a broken family, made with care and obvious passion by Jodie Foster from a screenplay by Kyle Killen. There ent...

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  • Indiewire  Reviews

    REVIEW | Despite A Loony Mel Gibson, "The Beaver" Is a Tame Dramatic Affair

    Despite a ludicrous set-up based around one of the most outlandish performances of Mel Gibson's career, "The Beaver" is a tame, leisurely drama that neither provides the beleaguered actor with decisive comeback material nor further muddies his tarnished image. As directed by Jodie Foster from the sc...

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