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  • Thompson on Hollywood  Reviews

    Review: Malick Stumbles with 'To The Wonder'

    There are no dinosaurs in Terrence Malick's sixth feature, but there are bison, sea turtles, prairies, toxic sludge, sun-dappled water, more prairies, a conflicted priest (Javier Bardem) and enough pirouetting by Olga Kurylenko to make you imagine that she probably felt dizzy at the end of each day'...

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  • Indiewire  Reviews

    Indiewire's Greatest Hits: The Top 10 Reviews From 2011

    In an age when being first threatens to preclude being best, film criticism struggles like everything else to serve a purpose without pandering to the need to grab eyeballs. The heap of reviews I've written over the last 12 months, often under the extreme deadline pressures of film festivals, aren't...

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