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  • Leonard Maltin  Reviews

    Undefeated—movie review

    This year’s Oscar winner for Best Documentary Feature seems almost too good to be true…but that’s what makes it so effective. Directed, photographed and edited by Daniel Lindsay and T.J. Martin, it profiles a most unusual fellow: a volunteer football coach for a Memphis high school that most people ...

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  • Indiewire  Reviews

    Criticwire Picks: From Football Triumphs to Crime and Kisses, Critics Look at New Releases

    While the first two months of the year may be the critical dumping ground for some of the major studios, it’s a time when many smaller films finally fulfill their year-long path to distribution. As such, reviews published long ago finally manage to reach audiences who can see the films. We looked th...

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  • Spout  Reviews

    "Undefeated" is a Good But Not Great Underdog Sports Film

    It’s very hard not to like “Undefeated,” the underdog sports film that is currently also considered the underdog among the 2012 Oscar nominees in the feature documentary category. I’m not exactly sure why it’s thought to be a long shot, though, since it is a gorgeously shot, expertly edited and very...

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  • The Playlist  Reviews

    Review: Inspirational Football Documentary 'Undefeated' Scores A Touchdown

    Watching inspirational movies is often like eating ice cream. While you're taking it in, it's sweet and immensely pleasurable, but as soon as you've reached the end, all that's left is an empty carton. Maybe we won't go as far as saying this kind of cinema is empty, but those swooned by "The Blind S...

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