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The Influence

Elisabeth Holm is the secret weapon of Kickstarter's film staff. While IndieGoGo boasts an algorithm that defines what's given the most attention on the site, Kickstarter boasts the human touch. Holm is one of the site's Program Directors, people who travel far and wide to explain to creators how best to harness the its power to raise money. She’s also working with the team to program and host the Kickstarter Film Festival.

Noting that "there’s a growing desire to connect with your audience" among filmmakers, Holm sees Kickstarter as both a place to raise funds but also to build and engage with a community of audience members. 

Biggest Success

"It's been an amazing year for film at Kickstarter," Holm said. "We crossed $100 million and 10,000 successfully funded film projects. The volume that we've seen come through the site this year is amazing."  She also cited the recent Best Documentary Short Oscar win for Sean Fine and Andrea Nix Fine's "Innocente," making it the first Kickstarter-funded film to take home an Academy Award. 

Biggest Disappointment

Says Holm, "When I first started at Kickstarter I was actually able to watch every single project video that launched in every category every day, and I kept a really diligent calendar for myself of all the Kickstarter-funded performances, openings, recitals, and premieres happening In Real Life in NYC to run around to them."

Biggest Challenge

Making sure they’re always on top of the question “Who is Kickstarter for?” and also encouraging filmmakers to release whatever they feel comfortable releasing. While Holm herself is excited by the way that projects like “A Show with Ze Frank” and “Ai Wei Wei: Never Sorry” constantly updated on the site and used Kickstarter as a platform, she also noted that the share-everything approach is not for everyone.  "There are people who don’t make a project video and still find ways to connect with their audience," she said. "We don’t want people to share anything that isn’t true to who they are and how they want to share their work."

What's Next

She’s currently working on a film, "Obvious Child," starring Jenny Slate, for which she helped develop the story. At Kickstater, the plan is to keep on doing what they’ve been doing.

The Survey
My Biggest Career Break...
(More Pollyannaish than I care to admit, but honestly) every job I've ever had. Always. Be. Learning.
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Paul Thomas Anderson.
A Guilty Pleasure Movie...
"The Cutting Edge." And by "guilty pleasure" you mean Really Good Movie that will forever affirm one's belief in the holy trinity of love, ambition, and toe picks — correct? Either that, or this other Really Good Movie called "Only The Strong," illuminating the holy trinity of bravery, integrity, and Capoeira. Think I've painted a fairly solid picture here.
My First Job...
Organizing the Paper Magazine archives. ProTip: Do not base your self-worth on whether Mickey Boardman remembers your name; just keep pouring over crumbling $.50 leaflets from 1984 and lamenting the death of everything you are too young to know.
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