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The Influence

The Tribeca brand had its start as a festival vehicle to support New York business after 9/11, but today its reach extends well beyond the city and the film festival. There's the for-profit Tribeca Enterprises and nonprofit Tribeca Film Institute. The organization's for-profit arm not only runs the festival, but it also serves as a distributor, while the Tribeca Film Institute is one of the industry's leading film funders and nurturers. Gilmore's recent arrival at the festival from Sundance has been a part of a number of changes at the organization, including an interactive storytelling component at the festival, Storyscapes, programmed by Kopp.

The trio has embraced a mandate to make sure they’re doing everything they can to envision a productive future for storytelling and its impact on artists' careers. It’s a surprisingly broad goal for an organization that started with such specific intentions.

Biggest Success

"What I'm really excited about is that I'm never doing the same thing," Gilmore said.  He added, "I’m working with international storytelling, I have a traditional role developing a film festival, and an untraditional role running a new distribution company.  Integrating all that is what makes us unique."

Biggest Disappointment

According to Kopp, working in the interactive space on digital projects can mean that you don't know where your audience is. But that’s part of the fun of working on the cutting edge of storytelling. "What's exciting now -- as more and more people move into the space – is that the work is getting better, more sophisticated. There's a language that's evolving in the space," she said.

Biggest Challenge

The organization is especially clear about one thing: its mandate to support artists. Patricof explained, “We’re facing an increasing abundance of films. We talk day in and day out here about how we can help audiences discover work. How we can play a part in that discovery process?"

What's Next

Tribeca is maintaining an international focus, bringing stories to audiences from all around the world. They're also eager to continue supporting underrepresented artists and to see how the interactive projects they're incubating now will affect that world in a few years.

The Survey
My Biggest Career Break...
Starting the Programming Department at UCLA Film Archives in 1976.
Best Filmmaker Working Today...
Can't answer; there are really so many of different qualities....To name a few, Scorcese, Wes Anderson, the Coens, Almodovar, Chris Nolan, Michael Haneke.
A Guilty Pleasure Movie...
I really love films of "excess" and admire the directors who make work that provokes, be it Von Trier, Noe or Tarantino... but when I was very young, I saw a film that has always been a perfect example of excess and guilty pleasure and written as it was by Roger Ebert it's perhaps relevant: "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls."
My First Job...
Newspaper delivery boy
The age that Geoff got his first job
Attended this year by Geoff
The average amount that Geoff travels for work each year
Geoff has been to the Sundance Film Festival
The Survey
My Biggest Career Break...
My first job in the industry was working in the Documentaries department at Channel 4 Television in London. Getting asked to run the TFI New Media Fund at TFI was also a huge turning point for me. I got to work in interactive storytelling with incredible support from TFI and Ford Foundation and this led to the creation of the Digital Initiatives department and to everything I do now.
Best Filmmaker Working Today...
Kim Longinotto made me love documentaries. Laura Poitras is an incredibly brave and important filmmaker. And the work of NFB Interactive has inspired me constantly in my work on interactive storytelling.
A Guilty Pleasure Movie...
I've probably watched "Point Break" and "Out of Africa" more than one should. The funny scenes in "The Money Pit" are genius, but I fast forward all the other bits.
My First Job...
The first job that I loved was in a small, independent bookstore in Brighton, England. I learned more there than I learned in college. Really.
The age that Ingrid got her first job
Attended this year by Ingrid
The average amount that Ingrid travels for work each year
Ingrid has been to the Sundance Film Festival