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The Influence

This was the movie that turned Kickstarter into a household name, that inspired everything from rabid indignation to Zach Braff. "Veronica Mars," of course, was the first film project on Kickstarter to ask for, and receive, over $2 million. It has received plenty of flak because the rights to "Veronica Mars" are owned by Warner Bros. But the campaign, which eventually raised $5 million, marks the beginning of a new trend in filmmaking. This is not the last mega project from a known quantity; it was quickly followed by Braff, who raised over $3 million for his follow-up to "Garden State."

Nearly 92,000 fans of the three-season gumshoe show funded the "Veronica Mars" campaign. And now Thomas and Bell are finally making the project they have been trying to convince Warner Bros. to make.

When asked how she feels about the project’s success, Bell said, "I feel fucking great. I'm also not responsible for all the prep work, so it's easy for me. I love the script, and I’m so excited to see everyone again. Working with my old friends and working on this project is going to be the perfect summer experience."

Biggest Success

Hey, the "Veronica Mars" movie is getting made!

Biggest Disappointment

For the past several years, Thomas and Bell rarely had an interview that didn’t end with the "Will there be a 'Veronica Mars' movie?" question.  Until recently, the answer was "No."

Biggest Challenge

Finding a barometer for the project. How do you test whether or not you have enough support for a $2 million crowdfunding campaign? Thomas was nervous at the time of the project's launch. After teasing it on Twitter, he worried about the number of people that engaged at first.  "I kept thinking, 'What if we looked ridiculous?'" he said. "What if we launched and a few days later only had $150,000?"

What's Next

Thomas and Bell are prepping for a 24-day shoot in Los Angeles. (Day 1 is June 17, the same day as the launch of Indiewire Influencers.)

The Survey
My Biggest Career Break...
Not just one, it's been very slow and steady since I began. Every single job I've ever had was a break for me.
Best Filmmaker Working Today...
Steve McQueen
A Guilty Pleasure Movie...
"Ace Ventura," all the way.
My First Job...
I worked at a bead store -‐ weaving friendship bracelets onto cornrows in people's hair. I taught myself how to do it and I loved it.
The age that Kristen got her first job
Attended this year by Kristen
The average amount that Kristen travels for work each year
Kristen has been to the Sundance Film Festival
The Survey
My Biggest Career Break...
Jeff Sagansky, then president of CBS, read my first young adult novel. He asked to see any screenplays I might write. I sent a copy of a romantic comedy spec I'd written. He asked me to pitch romantic comedies for television. My first show, CUPID, came out of that collaboration.
Best Filmmaker Working Today...
Danny Boyle.
A Guilty Pleasure Movie...
"Galaxy Quest. Though, really, I have no sense of guilt about that."
My First Job...
Teaching high school journalism.
The age that Rob got his first job
Attended this year by Rob
The average amount that Rob travels for work each year
Rob has been to the Sundance Film Festival