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Closing in...
The Influence

When Casey Pugh and Jamie Wilkinson want something to happen with all the power the Internet can wield, they do it. After trying to add entries for Internet memes on Wikipedia and seeing them deleted after being deemed unworthy, Wilkinson created Know Your Meme, an encyclopedia of memes. When Pugh thought it would be cool if people got together to recreate little bits of “Star Wars,” he started “Star Wars Uncut.”  The project won him an Emmy. Together, the two founded the sharpest online direct-to-fan distribution platform out there, VHX. 

When they started VHX, their task was to prove that you didn’t have to be Louis C.K. to sell directly to fans. Pugh and Wilkinson become gleeful when they talk about the challenges faced for filmmakers in the digital era. "Everyone's after the ultimate download and consumption experience for the home," Pugh said. "A lot of traditional media companies aren’t adapting.” 

VHX is constantly helping its filmmakers deliver the services they want.  When the filmmakers behind “Indie Game: The Movie” wanted a coupon, they developed one for all the films on the platform to use.  The same goes for many of the features rolled out on the platform.

Biggest Success

Developing a simple, easy-to-use interface that requires the least amount of clicks. The team is obsessed with getting people to watch films as fast as possible.

Biggest Disappointment
Biggest Challenge

All filmmakers who want to sell direct-to-fan must figure out how to make their websites destinations. To address that issue, VHX has a blog that encourages filmmakers to better promote their films.

What's Next

VHX is getting ready to launch an open platform to allow anyone to set up a VHX store on their own website in a matter of minutes.  They’ve developed a design engine to make their trademark designs easily replicable.

The Survey
My Biggest Career Break...
Quitting JPMorgan and starting work at Eyebeam, where I met Jonah Peretti, Kenyatta Cheese and Evan Roth. Winning an Emmy with Casey Pugh. 2 years later we launched VHX.
Best Filmmaker Working Today...
James Swirsky & Lisanne Pajot
A Guilty Pleasure Movie...
"The Fifth Element"
My First Job...
Software developer at ZVisions/BeNews in Cottonwood, Arizona (population 11,000)
The age that Jamie got his first job
0 Festivals
Attended this year by Jamie
The average amount that Jamie travels for work each year
Jamie has been to the Sundance Film Festival
The Survey
My Biggest Career Break...
I landed a job at Vimeo in 2007 back when there were only four employees. Over the next three years Vimeo grew to be a very popular destination. It was a wonderful and important experience to go through which informed the rest of my video‐focused career.
Best Filmmaker Working Today...
Lars von Trier
A Guilty Pleasure Movie...
I have seen "The Fifth Element" way too many times.
My First Job...
My first paying job was as a web developer intern in my hometown of Naples, FL.
The age that Casey got his first job
Attended this year by Casey
The average amount that Casey travels for work each year
Casey has been to the Sundance Film Festival