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The Influence

Long the preferred streaming service for filmmakers thanks to its high quality and clean interface, Vimeo seriously upped its game this spring by announcing Vimeo On Demand, a service allowing all Vimeo Pro members to rent or sell their videos, setting their own prices and geographic regions of availability. The 90/10 revenue split in favor of the creators made it a potentially major new force in self-distribution, a step forward that CEO Kerry Trainor has been overseeing since joining the company in March of last year.

Since its founding by Jake Lodwick and Zach Klein in 2004, Vimeo's had a clear identity as the high-end alternative to the broad platform that is YouTube. "Because of its deep focus on providing quality tools and an uncluttered environment, Vimeo has become the platform of choice for independent filmmakers," said Trainor. He added that the company's approach has been to develop its business model around that fact, rather than work in the other direction.

In that way, Trainor said, Vimeo On Demand has been a natural extension of Vimeo's existing platform, going from empowering filmmakers and other video creators to sharing their work to empowering them to monetize it. And it's come at a key time of growing interest in self-distribution and maintaining ownership of films.

Biggest Success

An easy one -- the launch of Vimeo On Demand, which was announced at an event at SXSW in March, accompanied by a screening of acclaimed Oscar-nominated indie animator Don Hertzfeldt's first feature, "It's Such a Beautiful Day," available via the new initiative.

Biggest Disappointment

While Trainor didn't cite specifics, he pointed out the difficulties in balancing the need to grow with staying true to Vimeo's core identity.

Biggest Challenge

Expanding without compromising. "Even as we look to grow, we need to stay true to what's made Vimeo special," Trainor said. "It's exactly the challenge that you'd hope to have. If we're true [to that], there are incredible opportunities to build a company for the long term."

What's Next

Leeden Media will be releasing the Neil LaBute-scripted "Some Girl(s)," starring Adam Brody, Kristen Bell and Jennifer Morrison, on Vimeo On Demand on June 28, the same day the film is getting a limited theatrical release. It'll be another first for the company, and one that should serve as an interesting test case for how viable eschewing a deal with a small-scale distributor in favor of holding onto the rights with this type of DIY approach can be for an indie of that size.

The Survey
My Biggest Career Break...
Getting my first short film from NYU into Resfest and Sundance in the same year. The film was rejected by dozens of festivals before this point. It was those two events that changed the course of my career and put me on the path that I am still on today.
Best Filmmaker Working Today...
Currently I have been most influenced by the work of a cocktail of the Coen brothers, muddled with some Fincher and a dash of Scorsese.
A Guilty Pleasure Movie...
"Raiders of the Lost Ark" and "The Big Lebowski" (tie)
My First Job...
I was hired to shoot a documentary film about a road race from snowy Washington, D.C. to the rain forests of Costa Rica. We followed one of the teams. It took a little over 13 days and we traveled in a 1970s converted school bus. We came in dead last but had by far the best stories.
The age Jeremy got his first job
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The average Jeremy spends traveling for work each year
Jeremy has been to the Sundance Film Festival
The Survey
My Biggest Career Break...
At Prodigy, I could mix technology, media and business. I had no web experience at all and one of the senior execs did not like me, but the hiring manager took me on anyway. Eventually that initially "negative" senior exec and I got along great, and he's the one who brought me to Vimeo.
Best Filmmaker Working Today...
Kathryn Bigelow. She just gets better and better.
A Guilty Pleasure Movie...
"The Transporter" because I can't help but love action movies.
My First Job...
Paper girl for the Milwaukee Journal with my brother and our little red wagon in the Wisconsin sun, rain, sleet, wind and snow.
13 years old
The age that Dae got her first job
1 Festival
Attended this year by Dae
1 Week
The average amount that Dae travels for work each year
0 Times
Dae has been to the Sundance Film Festival