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  • Brian Brooks
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    Salaviza and his Palme d'Or

    More from Cannes '09: Portuguese director Joao Salaviza inside the Palais following his win for the Palme d'Or for best short film. The short, "Arena" is the story of a man who is under house arrest and passes the time tattooing. Three local kids, however, taunt him through his window...
  • Brian Brooks
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    Jane Campion Sits in "Sleeping Beauty"

    Oscar-winner (and Palme d'Or winner) writer/director Jane Campion ("The Piano") took a seat in the audience for the "Sleeping Beauty" press conference Thursday in Cannes. The controversial film screening in competition drew mixed reactions Wednesday after its press screening, with the audience audibly divided. Fellow Australian director Julia Leigh met Campion before going into production (her first film) on "Sleeping Beauty" and said during the conversation in the Palais des Festivals that she sought her advice throughout the making of the film.
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  • Brian Brooks
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    Gondry 'views Almodóvar & Banderas

    Director Pedro Almodóvar with Antonio Banderas in Cannes getting an impromptu interview by none other than fellow filmmaker Michel Gondry. Gondry is a bit shy about getting in front of the camera, but true to form as a filmmaker, he loves dishing out the interviews...
  • Brian Brooks
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    Stephanie Sigman: Someone to Watch!

    Mexican actress Stephanie Sigman did a bang up job in her first role in "Miss Bala," which debuted in the Un Certain Regard section of the festival. Directed by Gerardo Naranjo, the film is an 'edge-of-your-seat' gang thriller set amidst the drug wars in Mexico. Check out iW's profile of the actress who will no doubt be making many more appearances on the big screen.
  • Brian Brooks
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    Sundance Hangs at AmPav

    Sundance Institute head Keri Putnam with Sundance Film Festival director John Cooper taking a little time out at the American Pavilion in Cannes. AmPav continued to be a hot spot to run into people and it was often difficult to find a place to sit, despite the somewhat hefty membership fee. The venue also hosted multiple panels from celebs to industry-related topical conversations.
  • Brian Brooks
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    Film Society Throws a Cannes Soirée

    Film Society of Lincoln Center programming director Richard Peña with executive director Rose Kuo in Cannes at their lovely afternoon bash on the beach. FSLIC will celebrate a milestone in early June with the launch of their new theaters, the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center.
  • Brian Brooks
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    "Bonsái" director Cristián Jiménez enjoying a glass of bubbly at the party for "The Skin I Live In" in Cannes. The festival gave the film a rather peculiar description: "At the end of this film, Emilia dies and Julio remains alone. Actually, Julio had remained alone several years before Emilia's death. What matters is that at the end, Emilia dies and Julio does not die. Julio lives and Emilia does not live. The rest is fiction." At any rate, word on the street was that the film is definitely worth a view. It should hit North American festivals (and likely Toronto) in the fall.
  • Brian Brooks
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    Rossy de Palma in Cannes

    Frequent Almodóvar actor Rossy de Palma with a friend at the party for "La Piel Que Habito" in Cannes. Almodóvar, star Antonio Banderas and others from the film mixed with other attendees, and took photos with fans.
  • Brian Brooks
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    Almodóvar in Cannes Talks "Skin" and His Next English-language Film

    Pedro Almodóvar along with Antonio Banderas and Sony Classics co-president Michael Barker in Cannes Thursday night at the after-party for the world premiere of "La Piel que Habito" (The Skin that I Live In") having good times. Almodóvar met with a small group of journalists Friday in Cannes to talk about his film (iW will publish an interview with him down the road), but the main news aside from "Skin," which should open in the U.S. later this year, is that his likely next project will be in English. "I have a few different projects right now and one of them is in English - for the first time," he said. "It's based on a story and it's pretty far along actually, but I don't want to talk about it too much right now because everyone will keep asking me about it..."
  • Nigel M Smith
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    Kanye West Sweats in Cannes

    Kanye West sweated up a storm when he performed a full set inside a tent on the Carlton Hotel Beach over the weekend in Cannes. The concert, hosted by the new production company Red Granite, kicked off after midnight. Many heralded it as the party to beat this year. [Photo by Eric Kohn]
  • Eric Kohn
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    "Michael" Director Stirs Up Cannes

    "Michael" director Markus Schleinzer spoke to indieWIRE at the offices of Le Public Systeme in Cannes on Monday. The controversial competition entry, which focuses on the life of a pedophile, was met with a mixed reception last week.
  • Eric Kohn
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    Jonathan Caouette Returns to Cannes

    Jonathan Caouette returned to Cannes with "Walk Away Renee," his long-awaited follow-up to "Tarnation," another family-centric non-fiction tale. Seen here at the Critics' Week-hosted world premiere, Caouette's movie--which focuses on his relationship with his mentally ill mother--has yet to find a U.S. distributor.
  • Brian Brooks
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    "Return" Makes its Cannes Debut

    Directors Fortnight film, "Return" debuted over the weekend in Cannes with positive-word-of-mouth and polite applause following its initial screening Saturday afternoon. The feature, directed by Liza Johnson, stars Linda Cardellini as a soldier who returns from the war to her rustbelt town. At first, she is happy to be back with her husband and two daughters and her familiar life, but slowly, everything she has known becomes unfamiliar. Following the film's debut, there was, of course, a party right on the beach in Cannes. Joining in on the fun were: Linda Cardellini, prod. Ben Howe, exec prod. Meredith Vieira (who is here this week with the Today Show), exec prod. Amy Rapp, director Liza Johnson and prod. Noah Harlan.
  • Brian Brooks
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    France Honors Faye Dunaway in Cannes

    Faye Dunaway not only graces this year's Cannes official poster, but she also received an award Sunday afternoon at the festival from France's Minister of Culture, Frédéric Mitterrand. Addressing Dunaway as "cher Faye Dunaway," Mitterrand, the nephew of the late French President François Mitterrand, lavished praise on Dunaway, who stood nearby and gushed in English and French. Mixing the two languages, Dunaway said that only in France does this kind of recognition of an artist happens. Her award is officially the "D' Officier dans l' Ordre des Arts et des Lettres."
  • Eric Kohn
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    Ezra Miller and John C. Reilly Talk "About Kevin"

    "We Need to Talk About Kevin" co-stars Ezra Miller and John C. Reilly took a break from promoting the Cannes competition film on Friday to hang with indieWIRE on the beach. "It can be kind of a circus here," Reilly said, "but you can't let the craziness of the surroundings let you lose sight of what an honor it is to come here." Up-and-comer Miller is attending the festival for the second time, having accompanied Antonio Campos's "Afterschool" in 2008, which featured Miller in his screen debut. The actor said he hopes to catch the Campos-produced "Martha Marcy May Marlene"--playing in this year's Un Certain Regard sidebar--but may have to wait until Fox Searchlight releases it later this year, as he leaves town on Sunday when it premieres.
  • Brian Brooks
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    Fortnight Folks Step Out

    Directors Fortnight artistic director Frederic Boyer (white shirt) with members of his programming team taking a step out onto the Corisette before the fest got underway this week. The sidebar opened with "The Fairy." Check out indieWIRE's interview with Boyer here.
  • Eric Kohn
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    Programmers Do Lunch in Cannes

    TIFF documentary programmer Thom Powers (left), Hamptons Film Festival programmer David Nugent and Tribeca Film Festival director of programming David Kwok at a programmer's lunch hosted by Director's Fortnight during the 64th Cannes Film Festival, currently under way.
  • Brian Brooks
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    A "Restless" Dinner in Cannes

    After opening Cannes' Un Certain Regard Thursday, "Restless" director Gus Van Sant with Sony Pictures Classics' Michael Barker greeting guests at an after soiree for the film, starring Henry Hopper and Mia Wasikowska Thursday night Med-side. SPC will open the film in the U.S. and Van Sant adherers should be pleased (ok and the cast is hot and do a great job) Basta!
  • Brian Brooks
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    The Cannes Crush to See/Feel/Touch Woody

    To say that the crush to see Woody Allen along with stars Adrien Brody, Rachel McAdams and Owen Wilson was hell, it would not be an understatement. People were getting crushed and yelling out random "fuck yous" to anyone that would take them as the director and actors entered and exited the packed press conference. Their film, "Midnight in Paris" opened the festival and stars struck journalists, industry or anyone who had accreditation to be in the Palais just couldn't get enough. Here Allen signs an autograph while Brody looks on... Check out indieWIRE's review of the film.
  • Brian Brooks
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    Bertolucci Picks up a Palme d'Or

    Bernardo Bertolucci and Cannes head Thierry Frémaux Wednesday on the opening day of the festival. It's hard to think that Bertolucci, who first came to Cannes in 1964 with "Before the Revolution," has never received a Palme d'Or, but that was rectified opening night when he received an honorary Palme d'Or by the festival. Bertolucci joked with journalists about his health and offered "a quickie" in a light hearted conversation and even teased his next film, which will be in 3-D no less. Check out iW's coverage of the conversation here (and scroll down a bit).
  • Brian Brooks
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    The Cannes Competition Jury Addresses the Press

    The Cannes competition jury made their first official appearance Wednesday at the opening day of Cannes. Among this year's jurors are Uma Thurman (left), French director Olivier Assayas and author Lin Ullmann. The jury, headed by Robert De Niro, were peppered with questions throughout the press conference about how they will go about judging this year's competition which naturally lead to vague responses since the jury has yet to see any films (officially at least). "Great films invoke their own standards and we'll adjust to those standards," offered up Assayas.
  • Brian Brooks
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    Binoche Takes the Prize

    French actress Juliette Binoche with prize in hand of her win Sunday night for Best Actress in Cannes for her role in Abbas Kiarostami's "Certified Copy." With a nod to the Iranian director's fellow filmmaker, Jafar Panahi, who is currently in detention in Iran following his arrest in March, Binoche held up Panahi's name on stage and appealed for his freedom. [Photo by Eugene Hernandez/indieWIRE
  • Brian Brooks
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    Burton's Final Cannes '10 Call

    As President of the Jury in Cannes this year, Tim Burton gave the names of the winners from the stage during Sunday night's awards ceremony. He also said that it is difficult to judge other filmmakers. "Anybody who makes film… we admire how difficult it is. We all went into this with a respect for all filmmakers." [Photo by Eugene Hernandez/indieWIRE]
  • Brian Brooks
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    Best Actors in Cannes

    Cannes Best Actor winners Javier Bardem ("Biutiful") and Italian actor Elio Germano ("La Nostra Vita") hold up their prizes in the Palais des Festivals Sunday evening. The two tied for the nod given by the jury. [Photo by Eugene Hernandez/indieWIRE]
  • Brian Brooks
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    Williams & Gosling Hit the Croisette

    Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling look quite snappy, pictured here in Cannes following the premiere of their film, "Blue Valentine," directed by Derek Cianfrance. The Weinstein Company, which is releasing the film, which had its world debut at the Sundance Film Festival in January, hosted a rooftop party off the Croisette, which was one of the best so far this year (at least of the ones we went to). One of indieWIRE's favorites making its way on the festival circuit, "Blue Valentine" centers on a contempo married couple, charting their evolution over a span of years by cross-cutting between time periods. The acting is amazing!
  • Brian Brooks
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    Woody and Watts in Cannes

    Woody Allen and Naomi Watts get settled in ahead of their press conference Sunday for "You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger," which premiered here in Cannes to some mixed reviews. "The only way to be happy is to tell yourself some lies or deceive yourself," said Allen who also added that he has a "grim and pessimistic view of life." Check out indieWIRE's review of the film... [Photo by Eugene Hernandez/indieWIRE]
  • Brian Brooks
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    "On Tour" in Cannes

    Dirty Martini (center) with Mimi Le Meux (left) and Kitten on the Keys (right), stars of Mattieu Amalric's "Tournée" (On Tour). The group were quite a change from the more formal press conferences here in Cannes. [Photo by Eugene Hernandez/indieWIRE]
  • Brian Brooks
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    Burton Takes the Stage

    Before the premiere, jury president Tim Burton met up with journalists as the red carpet was being unfolded outside for the opening night of the Cannes Film Festival. "Robin Hood" screened and apparently received a warm applause, though a very unscientific poll of some attendees gave it a very side-ways thumb. "OK" was the prevailing word. Meanwhile, the Burton and crew will have a the competition to deal with in the coming week-and-a-half, though "Robin Hood" (called 'Robin Dubois" here in France where it has just opened theatrically) is an Out of Competition film... [Photo by Eugene Hernandez/indieWIRE]
  • Brian Brooks
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    Mara and Richard Host Lunch

    More from Cannes '09: The Film Society of Lincoln Center played host during the festival to a group of journalists at a nice lunch "on the plage." The Film Society's 'newish' executive director Mara Manus and programming director Richard Pena took in the festival, which is traditionally a main source of titles for NYC's premiere film event, the New York Film Festival, taking place this year September 25 - October 11. And of course we'll be there!
  • Brian Brooks
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    Pop Art, Pop Art, Pop Art, pedro, pedro, Penelope Cruz, Penelope Cruz, Penelope Cruz............

    Before the walk down the sidewalk, there were bits of masts from boats, a breeze, the sun and a crowd barricade... Perfect!
  • Brian Brooks
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    Cinetic Ahoy!

    More from Cannes '09: Cinetic's John Sloss, Matt Dentler and Christine Kim aboard a yacht in Cannes for an afternoon reception for "Great Directors," hosted by the film's director, Angela Ismailos. And what a yacht!
  • Brian Brooks
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    The "Face" of Tsai Ming-liang in Cannes

    Taiwanese director Tsai Ming-liang with actresses Laetitia Casta and Fanny Ardant in Cannes Saturday for their film "Visage." Tsai doesn't speak French or English, but he was asked to take on "Visage," a film based on the myth of Salome which was filmed in the Louvre. One of the first productions given such access. Check out iW's review of the film...
  • Eugene Hernandez
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    Gainsbourg and Waltz Take Actor Bows in Cannes

    "Antichrist"'s Charlotte Gainsbourg and Christoph Waltz ("Inglorious Basterds") took the best acting prizes tonight in Cannes.
  • Brian Brooks
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    Brian's iPOP 2

  • Brian Brooks
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    Brian's iPOP 1

  • Brian Brooks
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    Great Directors and the Yacht

    Not really a part of the Cannes Film Festival, first time director and artist Angela Ismailos (left) nevertheless had an impressive crowd of journalists, buyers and programmers for a screening of her doc, "Great Directors." She described it as a passion project, profiling directors such as David Lynch, Bernardo Bertolucci, Catherine Breillat (pictured), Agnes Varda, Ken Loach, Stephen Frears, Todd Haynes and John Sayles with footage of some of their most memorable work. "The funny thing is, after you finish a film, they want you to talk about it," said Lynch in the film which screened Tuesday. "But the film is the talk, so if you want to talk about it, go see it - it's the whole thing..." After the screening, invitees strolled over to the marina for champagne and oysters aboard Ismailos' beautiful yacht.
  • indieWIRE
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    Raimi fans, hoping

    This afternoon at the Cannes Film Festival, outside the Palais des Festivals, Sam Raimi fans hold up signs hoping to find someone with extra tickets to "Drag Me To Hell," the horror filmmaker's latest, which will had its Cannes debut today (the film screened as a work-in-progress at SXSW in March).
  • indieWIRE
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    If, like Warhol, Almodovar has a factory of superstars who regularly appear in his films, then Rossy De Palma (center) is surely one of them. She returns to Cannes with a role in "Broken Embraces." At last night's gala party for the new film, DiPalma jumped on-stage after a spectacular set by flamenco singer Miguel Poveda (right), singing and dancing and stirring the crowd who clapped and sang along.
  • indieWIRE
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    Pedro Almodovar welcomed guests to the Plages des Palmes beachside bash for his new film, "Broken Embraces" last night here in Cannes. The exclusive beachside club that is built for the festival was transformed into what looked like a cabaret for the party, including framed images from the movie and a stage with small round tables where guests could eat and drink.
  • indieWIRE
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    Raj & Carl!

    MoMA's Raj Roy and the Seattle International Film Festival's Carl Spence at the Cannes Film Festival party for "Taking Woodstock."
  • indieWIRE
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    Mariah TIme!

    At Elephant Eye's dinner for "Precious" Mariah Carey caused a stir when she arrived at Nikki Beach, creating a vortex of gawkers who snapped pix and started to gather around. She and director Lee Daniels posed for a quick iPOP shot before being inundated by well-wishers and fans at the beachside restaurant.
  • indieWIRE
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    George and Iara

    Back on the film festival circuit after an absence are George Gund and Iara Lee, pictured here at the Cannes Film Festival doc brunch. Iara made a mark in the mid-90s with the docs "Synthetic Pleasures" and "Modulations." Chatting at the brunch, she said that she is at work on a new film, about to head into post-production on a project for which she's looking for an editor.
  • Eugene Hernandez
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    Broderick and Mann

    At the second annual Cannes Film Festival documentary brunch, distribution consultant Peter Broderick with filmmaker and distributor Ron Mann.
  • indieWIRE
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    Josh (above) and Benny (below) Safdie arrived on stage for the Cannes Directors' Fortnight world premiere of their new film, "Get Me Some Rosemary," stacked on top of each other. Introducing the film, their cast and talking about the movie here in France. It's the second year in a row that the Safdies have a film in Cannes.
  • Eugene Hernandez
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    Team Magnolia!

    At Elephant Eye's Nikki Beach dinner here in Cannes, the Magnolia Pictures crew poses for an iPOP shot. Pictured (left to right): Eamonn Bowles, Dori Begley, Peter Van Steemburg and Tom Quinn.
  • Eugene Hernandez
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    The Kaufmans

    Troma's Lloyd Kaufman in Cannes with his wife, New York state's film commissioner Pat Kaufman.
  • indieWIRE
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    Humpday, Guys!

    Mark Duplass and Josh Leonard, stars of Lynn Shelton's "Humpday," at the Cannes Film Festival party for "Taking Woodstock," this weekend in France, We missed getting a shot when the two guys were dressing each other. Leonard had to tie Duplass' bowtie. The Sundance hit is opening this summer from Magnolia Pictures.
  • Brian Brooks
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    Weinstein and Cotillard Unveil "Nine" in Cannes

    The Weinstein Company's Harvey Weinstein offered a group of journalists some tid bits of Rob Marshall's ("Chicago") upcoming film, "Nine," which will star Daniel Day-Lewis, Marion Cotillard (also pictured) and Penelope Cruz from the company's penthouse off the Croisette in Cannes - their view is Amazing! Cruz had been scheduled to take part in the event, but Weinstein said she had suffered food poisoning and was getting help from a doctor. Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the premiere of "Broken Embraces" by Pedro Almodovar in Cannes. The crowd got a tease from the musical, which looked stylish. "Having this is a fairytale because making this movie was like a fairytale," said Weinstein introducing the film Monday afternoon. Weinstein said that production of "Nine" overlapped with Quentin Tarantino's "Inglorious Basterds," which will make its world debut here in Cannes this week. "It was my dream to be in an American musical," said Cotillard introducing the clips. "I hope you like what you see..."
  • indieWIRE
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    Photo 11 (Filmmakers ??? with Ryan Kampe)

    Filmmakers ??? with Ryan Kampe
  • Eugene Hernandez
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    Toasting Elephant Eye

    At Nikki Beach in Cannes David Robinson and Kim Jose from Elephant Eye, celebrating the fest with a dinner for friends and colleagues, toasting Lee Daniels' "Precious."
  • Eugene Hernandez
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    Anne and Marion

    Hanging out at the Cannes Film Festival documentary brunch, filmmaker Anne Aghion (here at the fest with "My Neighbor, My Killer") and the Film Society of Lincoln Cener's Marian Masone.
  • Brian Brooks
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    Emile and Ang Show their Flower Power

    Fresh from their big Cannes premiere for "Taking Woodstock," director Ang Lee and actor Emile Hirsch pause for a photo at the after-party on the beach in Cannes. People wore flowers and bandanas courtesy of the party and, naturally, grooved to some great '60s tunes. At one point a cover band started playing some '60s hits and then slid into the '70s, which is not too bad of a stretch. But later, they started going into '80s and '90s cheese straight out of a wedding reception. Some people started taking the flowers out of their hair... Still, a good party.
  • indieWIRE
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    Back in Cannes: Arnold and Fassbender

    "Fish Tank" director Andrea Arnold (left) with one of last year's Cannes breakthrough's, "Hunger" lead Michael Fassbender (right), who co-stars in her new film here in Cannes. "Its been busy this year, its been great," Fassbender said of his past 12 months since Cannes '08. Asked at a Cannes press conference about the range of films he's made this year, he noted, "What really interests me is to do lots of different things, different styles of things, different characters, really." Pushed to ponder where he'll be in a five years, he added, "In five years time, i dont know, hopefully I'll still be working and hopefully will be working with people that I can learn from. "Hopefully I'll learn something new and work with people who can teach me new things."
  • Brian Brooks
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    "Tank"'s Treadway and Kierston

    Co-stars in Andrea Arnold's "Fish Tank," which is in competition here at the Cannes Film Festival, veterans Harry Treadway ("Brothers of the Head," "Control) and Kierston Wareing ("It's a Free World...") at the Cannes Fest.
  • Peter Knegt
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    Wishaw Upon a "Star"

    Ben Wishaw, who stars as John Keats in Jane Campion's "Bright Star." In Cannes earlier this week, he explained that he really didn't know much about the poet before portraying him on screen. "I had a prejudice about the romantic poem generally," Wishaw admitted, adding, "The dream of love is so present in us and so powerful, he noted, That connetion, people really want it, it sort of anchors us ot the world."
  • indieWIRE
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    Strand on the Beach

    At the always popular, but this year not at all crowded, Marche du Film party at the Majestic Beach, Strand Releasing co-presidents Marcus Hu and John Gerrans.
  • indieWIRE
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    Foursome at the Marche

    Philippa Kowarsky from Cinephil in Israel, filmmaker Raphaela Neihausen, Weiland Speck from Berlin's Panorama and TIFF programmer Thom Powers at the Marche du Film party in Cannes.
  • Eugene Hernandez
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    Mariah Hits the Croisette

    Mariah Carey (left) caused a stir at La Plage Vitamin Water on the Croisette in Cannes today, where she posed with "Precious" director Lee Daniels (center), and the film's breakout star Gabourey Sidibe. The film, the big winner at this year's Sundance Film Festival, is having its Cannes fest debut tonight in the fest's Un Certain Regard section.
  • Brian Brooks
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    Haneke Then and Now

    Back in 2005, Director Michael Haneke (second from left) had the closing night film at the New York Film Festival - "Cache." He told Sony Pictures Classics co-presidents Tom Bernard (left) and Michael Barker (right) about a screenplay he was working on called "White Ribbon." Fast forward three and a half years later, the film is playing in competition this year in Cannes, and SPC announced it had acquired the film yesterday.
  • Brian Brooks
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    Almodovar and Cruz 'Vuelven' con "Los Abrazos rotos"

    Spanish director Pedro Almodovar and Penelope Cruz came to Cannes and met up with journalists for a lunch promoting "Volver" back in 2006. The duo will be back this year, with Almodovar's Cannes competition film, "Broken Embraces" (Los Abrazos rotos) though we have a suspicion they'll be a bit more difficult to snap photos of this time around (at least this informally) but we hope we're wrong.
  • Brian Brooks
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    No Cannes do?

    The calm before the storm... Rumors are that not as many people will be there this year because of the recession, but the Festival de Cannes gets underway starting Wednesday night. If you aren't able to make it to France this year, check out indieWIRE daily coverage from Cannes with multiple updates everyday of the festival... Oooh la la
  • indieWIRE
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    CANNES '08 | "Robbed" in Cannes

    More from Cannes '08: "The Pleasure of Being Robbed" director Joshua Safdie and one of the film's stars, Eleonore Hendricks traveled to Cannes with their film, which closed the Directors Fortnight this year. IFC Films also officially announced during the festival that it will distribute the feature in the U.S.
  • indieWIRE
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    CANNES '08 | "Polanski" Director and Lawyer

    More from Cannes '08: "Polanski: Wanted and Desired" director Marina Zenovich took her doc on the legendary director to France where the filmmaker now lives for its international premiere following its debut at Sundance in January. Joining Zenovich for a quick pic was Polanski's own lawyer, Ian Burlingham. At the time of the party, Polanski had supposedly not seen the doc, though the filmmaker's wife had a chance to view the film and liked it. "I hope he likes it, I'm curious to know what he thinks," said Zenovich. Arriving for the awards ceremony Sunday, a journalist asked Polanski about the film and he said he looked forward to seeing it. The film will air on HBO June 9 and will open in theaters July 11.
  • indieWIRE
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    CANNES '08 | 'Charlie Kaufman'

    "I write what I am thinking about at the time I am writing," explained writer and first time director Charlie Kaufman this morning at the Cannes Film Festival, talking about his new film, "Synecdoche, NY." "At this time I was thinking about issues of life, getting older, of dying, of illnes, of that sort of struggle...that's how it turned out." The hard to summarize new film examines the life and work of New York theater writer/director (Phillip Seymour Hoffman) and the people around him (Catherine Keener, Samantha Morton, Michelle Williams, Tom Noonan). While members of his cast call his work very personal, Kaufman took exception to a journalist's question about the movie being filled with many "Charlie Kaufman's." "I am not ever writing a movie full of 'Charlie kaufman's', its not my intention it never has been, even (when) there is a character named 'Charlie Kaufman' its not me. It a character. That's very serious and important to me. and in this case I am not directing anybody to (be) like me." As for the odd title of the film -- which one journalist called "fatal" -- Kaufman defended, "The key is that is sounds like Schenectady, which is the city that its a play on. If you know how to say Schenectady, you just take out the 'kuh'."
  • indieWIRE
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    CANNES '08 | Spike and Anthony

    Chatting prior to the "Synecdoche, NY" press conference this morning in Cannes, the film's producers Spike Jonze and Anthony Bregman.
  • indieWIRE
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    CANNES '08 | IFC at La Pizza Dinner

    Almost everyone who makes it to Cannes eventually has dinner at La Pizza near the town's Old Port. It has pretty decent food, can accommodate large crowds and is relatively cheap as far as Cannes restaurants go (not a bad thing with the embarrassing euro/dollar exchange rate these days - thanks Bush!) Anyway, taking advantage of a Cannes tradition was the crowd from IFC Films (who have been buying up Cannes titles left and right here this year). Filmmakers from three of this year's Cannes titles eating up some yummy pizza here include: "The Pleasure of Being Robbed," "Wendy and Lucy," and "After School." Left side: Jonathan Sehring, Ryan Kampe (Visit Films), Aurelie Godet, Zach Treitz ("Pleasure of Being Robbed"), Submarine's Josh Braun, IFC's Jeff Deutchman and Anish Savjani. Right side: Betsy Rodgers (IFC), Ryan Werner (IFC), "The Pleasure of Being Robbed"'s Eleonore Hendricks , Sam Licenco and Brett Jutkiewicz; Antonio Campos, director of "After School"; IFC's Lizzie Nastro and Neil Kopp, producer of Wendy and Lucy" and "Paranoid Park."
  • indieWIRE
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    CANNES '08 | Guerrilla Film: "Che"

    "(We are) trying to give you a sense of what it was like to hang out with this person," Steven Soderbergh explained today, talking about his striking new two-part film, "Che". Elaborating, he noted, "We came to the current version of the movie backwards. To understand why [Che Guevara] thought they could win in Bolivia, you had to see [what happened] in Cuba." The unconventional biography has already provoked a critical debate, some challenging Soderbergh and writer Peter Buchman's decision to avoid what they called today the typical "movie moments" found in most filmed biographies. Probed about the move during today's press conference in Cannes, Soderbergh defended, "I find it hilarious that some of the stuff being written about movies is how conventional they are, and then you have people upset that they are conventional." As for the distribution challenges inherent in balancing a more than four hour, two-part film, Soderbergh said that his ideal release plan would employ a sort of roadshow approach. He elaborated today that he would like the film to open in a town for a week as one movie with no credits and a printed program. And then it would be split up into two films for the rest of its run in the theater. He said, "To me that would be an event, that would be something fun."
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    CANNES '08 | Wieland and Cameron

    With an azure sky for a backdrop, Berlinale Panorama chief programmer Wieland Speck and Toronto International Film Festival co-director Cameron Bailey mingle in the crowd at the Fortissimo Films party at the Majestic Beach off the Croisette.
  • indieWIRE
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    CANNES '08 | Wong Kar-wai and Chris Doyle

    Hong Kong director (and former Cannes jury president) Wong Kar-wai took to the beach with his longtime D.P. Chris Doyle and a couple of pretty friends for the Fortissimo Films party on a cloudy but not too cold afternoon Monday. Wong is in Cannes with a re-work of his classic "Ashes of Time," which is screening out of competition in the official selection.
  • indieWIRE
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    CANNES '08 | Fortissimo guys

    Fortissimo Films hosted its annual afternoon bash on the beach off the Croisette, one of the nicer early evening events to snag an invite for... Hanging out on the sand amid continuing cloudy skies are Fortissimo's Michael Werner, U.T.A.'s Rich Klubeck and Wouter Barendrecht from Fortissimo, who will receive a "Toast" at the Hamptons International Film Festival in October (co-hosted by good ol' indieWIRE).
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    CANNES '08 | Wim Wenders and Ha Jung-woo at Korean party

    Korean actor Ha Jung-woo of Korean crime thriller "The Chaser," directed by Hong Jin-na having a chit chat with director Wim Wenders hanging out at the KOFIC party Tuesday night on the beach. Wenders' "The Palermo Shooting" is screening in competition at this year's Festival de Cannes.
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    CANNES '08 | Eastwood and Drama

    "Conflict is a source of drama," noted Clint Eastwood this morning in Cannes, talking about his new film, "Changeling" (or "The Exchange" as it is also being called), "So stories like this, which have a lot of conflict, are very interesting to me. You wouldn't want to tell a story where everything just worked perfectly or there wouldn't be a reason to tell it." Screening in the Cannes competition, the Hollywood studio picture (starring Angelina Jolie) looks at a scandal that rocked the Los Angeles Police Department in the early 1930s when a local woman challenged the LAPD's version of events involving her missing son. Notably, as the film was screening inside the Palais des Festivals, filmmaker Spike Lee (wearing a Barack Obama t-shirt) was at a nearby press event for his latest film, "Miracle at St. Anna," and questioned Eastwood's decision to not include any African Americans in his recent Iwo Jima films. A journalist who tried to raise the issue with Eastwood at today's press conference was abruptly cut off by the moderator before finishing her question, preventing a potential discussion about the historical accuracy of the lack of diversity on screen in Eastwood's new portrait of Los Angeles in the '20s and '30s.
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    CANNES '08 | Gray and Gwyneth

    James Gray's "Two Lovers" stirred audiences and buyers after last night's competition screening at the Cannes Film Festival, dividing some. The film, starring Gwyneth Paltrow (left), Joaquin Phonenix, and Vinessa Shaw (right), features the trio at the heart of a love triangle. Gray explained at today's press conference that he conceived of the film for his leads. "I had [Phoenix] in mind from the start, the same thing is true for Gwyneth," James Gray (center) offered. "I was very fortunate that they were both willing to submit." Probed about the nature of his atypical love story, Gray explained, "When you are dealing with a subject like love, there is an inherent preposterous idea...It's such a heightened state, almost of delirium. It lends itself to people acting insane," Gray noted, adding that he hoped to achieve a level of comedy with the film. "There was an intent to put some of that into the film. But I also greeted that as the challenge of the picture."
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    CANNES '08 | Arta Dobroshi

    Sure to garner a wave attention at the Cannes Film Festival over the next few days is actress Arta Dobroshi, star of Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne's "Lorna's Silence." She emerged in the Albania feature "Magic Eye" just three years ago. The film will have its red carpet premiere tonight at the Palais des Festivals.
  • indieWIRE
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    CANNES '08 | Belgian Brothers

    "We are interested in human beings, people who come from elsewhere," explained Jean-Pierre Dardenne (right), in Cannes this year with "Lorna's Silence" (Le Silence de Lorna) co-directed with Luc Dardenne (left). The Belgian brothers, signing autographs earlier today in Cannes, took a different approach to filming their latest feature observed one journalist at a Cannes Film Festival press conference this morning. "We have a much quieter, calmer, more still camera here," agreed Luc Dardenne, "because we wanted to really look at Lorna." The film follows an the Albanian immigrant living in Belgium and the four men around her. "We wanted to record, rather then write Lorna," Luc Dardenne noted. Adding to the explanation, Jean-Pierre Dardenne explained, "What interests us is the characters, the individuals, the human beings."
  • indieWIRE
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    CANNES '08 |

    joan chen
  • indieWIRE
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    CANNES '08 | Tyson and Toback

    "We both had big [milestones] happening in our lives," commented director James Toback Saturday afternoon in Cannes about the timing of undertaking his project spotlighting boxer Mike Tyson. "My mother had died and he was in rehab. Mike thought it could be a DVD for sale on the street on 125th Street for cash, while I was thinking more about competition for the Palme d'Or." Tyson, who received a warm reception from some members of the press who were clearly star struck by his presence, said that he was overwhelmed by the amount of attention that he and the film, titled "Tyson," were receiving in Cannes and said some parts of the film were difficult to face. "I've always been critical of myself and never considered myself a role model, but my message is to never give up. Don't let other people bring you down, that is the biggest fight in life... Never give up."
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    CANNES 08 | Moore with Overture and Paramount

    Overture Films and Paramount Vantage hosted a reception at the Carlton Hotel off the Croisette for Michael Moore earlier in the weekend. The companies announced last week that they will team up for Moore's next doc project, described as a "follow-up" to his wildly successful "Fahrenheit 9/11," which won the Palme d'Or in 2004 and took in $120 million in the U.S. Pictured left to right with cloudy skies in the background: Overture Films COO Danny Rosett, Peter Adee, president of worldwide marketing, distribution and new media Overture, the company's CEO Chris McGurk, Moore, and Paramount Vantage president, Nick Meyer.
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    CANNES '08 | Indy 4

    "We thought because this film was well known that the fair thing to do, and the fun thing to do, would be to view it where the entire world comes together once a year at this festival," enthused filmmaker Steven Spielberg earlier this afternoon at the Cannes Film Festival, after the press got their first look at his latest film, "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull." Asked whether he feared a critical backlash to the film, Harrison Ford was stalwart in his response, "I expect to have the whip turned on me," the actor admitted, "Its not unusual for something that is popular to be disdained by some people." He added that he is not afraid of any criticism, continuing, "I work for the people who pay to get in, they are my customers. My focus is on providing the best experience I can for those people." And concluding, Ford noted, "This kind of film is such a celebration of the movies that somehow I feel enured from professional criticism. I know that we made this movie to reacquaint people with the pure joy that can happen in a dark room with a bunch of people seeing something you haven't seen before, that will just kick your butt."
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    CANNES '08 | Morgan and Jeremy

    Smiling for a quick iPhone snapshot at the Carlton Hotel, Morgan Spurlock and Jeremy Chilnick prepare for the Cannes screening of Alison Thompson's "The Third Wave." Producers Spurlock and Chilnick ushered the film to its special screening presented by jury president Sean Penn. After the showing, the team made their way to an after party on the beach where they were joined by Bono and other notables. The famous faces -- Spurlock, Penn, Bono, and others -- mingled on the beach and in a VIP area for awhile at the Chopard bash then some mysteriously slipped away. Walking down the Carlton pier away from the bash, a small group could be seen making their way to a small boat and speeding away to destinations unknown.
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    CANNES '08 | Woody and Penelope

    "I made it romantic because I wanted the tragic part of it to sneak up on you," offered American auteur Woody Allen today (Saturday) in the South of France. Cannes Film Festival veterans Allen and Penelope Cruz shared the stage inside the Palais des Festivals, chatting with a standing room only gathering of journalists. Allen's romantic comedy (with a twist), "Vicky Cristina Barcelona," delves into a culture clash summer fling involving two women, Cruz & Scarlett Johansson, and one man, Javier Bardem. Set in Barcelona, the film mixes dialogue in both English and Spanish, as Cruz explained, "I love that Woody gave us that freedom to go back and forth with both languages and improvise," she praised, later adding that she would love to make many more movies with Allen. "He really gave us a lot of freedom in both languages," she added, despite her hesitation to change the written word of Woody Allen. As for Allen, his next film is a romantic comedy he is shooting in New York with Larry David in the lead role. "I can't say too much about it other than its a picture that takes place in New York about a group of highly neurotic characters who interact in ways I am hoping you will think is funny," Allen quipped, "You may or may not, if you don't I will have failed."
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    CANNES '08 | Salles, Thomas and De Oliveira

    Set and shot in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Walter Salles (center) and Daniela Thomas' (right) "Linha de Passe" -- with its use of primarily non-actors -- was inspired by aspects of Italian neo-realism, explained Brazilian filmmaker Salles this morning (Saturday) at the Festival de Cannes. Twelve years after making "Foreign Land" together, Salles and Thomas again explore youth in Brazil. The story of a group of four brothers and their pregnant mother, Salles noted that "Linha de Passe" was sparked by the real-life tale of a teenaged boy who stole a bus a few years ago, hoping to find his dad. Noting the "chronic absence of the father" in Brazilian society, Salles cited a broader search that propels many back home. Vinicius De Oliveira (right), who worked with Salles ten years ago as the young boy in "Central Station" agreed, "(The film) fully reflects the country, the fathers arent there," De Oliveira said, "Kids have to struggle from an early age... we need a father figure and this is the kind of thing we are all searching for." The Cannes competition film will have its official debut tonight at the festival.
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    CANNES '08 | Deneuve

    Cannes wouldn't be Cannes without Catherine Deneuve, here this year as the matriarch in Arnaud Desplechin's "A Christmas Tale" (Un Conte de Noel). Early on at this afternoon's press conference for the film, a journalist provoked her about her decision to work with "younger" French filmmakers. The questioner wondered, does that foster her own sense of youthful curiosity? Not missing a beat, Deneuve wryly noted that, with few exceptions, most of the filmmakers are younger than her. No, working with younger directors doesn't keep her curious, she continued, "You've either got curiosity, or you don't." [Eugene Hernandez]
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    CANNES '08 | Desplechin on Cinema

    In Cannes for the fourth time, French filmmaker Arnaud Desplechin unveiled his French family story "A Christmas Tale" (Un Conte de Noel) this morning. At a post-screening press conference, Desplechin talked about his passion for cinema, noting that he spends much more time watching film than making them, gaining a sense of control through consuming cinema. "When I make films, I try to see how things work," Desplechin noted, "I go to the cinema to live better, to have a better life...What I see on the screen is better arranged than in real life." Earlier this week, IFC Films acquired the film for a U.S. release. It opens in France later this month. [Eugene Hernandez]
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    CANNES 08 | A "Blindness" Quicky

    "Sumimasen (Japanese for 'excuse me'), but may I take your photo for indieWIRE and Cannes Market News?" "Yes, but only one shot," said "Blindness" actor Yusuke Iseya Wednesday night at the party for their film which opened the festival, directed by Fernando Meirelles on the seaside in Cannes. Iseya and his beautiful co-star Yoshino Kimura were heading out of the party, which kept the champagne flowing another hour or so, when we approached them.
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    CANNES '08 | McKellar and Handling Doing "Blindness"

    Fernando Meirelles' "Blindness" kicked off the 61st Festival de Canne Wednesday night and of course it was all followed by a party -- seaside, naturally -- at the Carlton Beach off the Croisette. The film's writer/actor Don McKellar was among those celebrating along with Toronto International Film Festival Group head Piers Handling. The party was of, of course, packed and the glowing champagne kept everyone in a good mood, but the party was not quite the lavish spectacle of some years past.
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    CANNES '08 | Kung Fu Pandamonium

    In the vein of previous year's promotional stunts like "Dreamgirls" and "Bee Movie," Dreamworks pulled out all the stops at the Carlton Beach Pier Wednesday morning for its out-of-competition animated flick "Kung Fu Panda." Dozens of people adorned with allegedly 150 pound panda suits and danced on the pier to the tune of Carl Douglas' "Kung Fu Fighting." Out of the rather stunning crowd of pandas came "Panda" star Jack Black, who drew cheers as he danced along with his costumed friends. "Panda" premieres Thursday at the Lumiere Theatre.
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    CANNES '08 | Talking "Blindness"

    Fernando Meirelles' multi-national co-production "Blindness," a look at (in his words today) "the fragility of civilizations," opens the Cannes Film Festival tonight (Wednesday) in the South of France. Adapted by Canadian actor and filmmaker Don McKellar, who called the film "tragically timey" during a press conference this afternoon in Cannes, "Blindness" seemed to stir decidely mixed reactions at a packed morning press screening. It follows a mysterious outbreak of blindness that quickly spreads across society, leading to a quarantine of those affected, including Moore's sighted character who fakes the disease to stick with her husband (Mark Ruffalo). Adandoned in a prison-like facility, the captives must fend for themelves as their ranks continue to grow. "We consider oursleves so strong, sophisticated and solid and then one thing goes and everything collapses," Merellies elaborated today, "We are really, as you say in English, skating on thin ice." Pictured (left to right) at today's press conference in Cannes: Danny Glover, Alice Braga, Fernando Meirelles, Julianne Moore, Gael Garcia Bernal, Yoshino Kimura, and Yusuke Iseya.
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    Deneuve in Cannes

    "Persepolis," the animated Cannes competition entry from France, has stirred awards talk here since the film's debut earlier this week. On Thursday, leading French actress Catherine Deneuve joined her daughter Chiara Mastroianni and the film's writer/directors Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud at the Carlton Beach restaurant on Thursday for a Sony Pictures Classics lunch. Deneuve, who voiced a character for the animated, French-language adaptation of Satrapi's succesful books, will also perform the role in English for an alternative version of the film. Asked about recent talk in Cannes this year about the apparent "death of cinema," while sipping a glass of wine and smoking a cigarette, Deneuve was straightforward on the matter. "I've heard that for such a long time," she said of the death of cinema, "It's a very slow death...since the end of the New Wave..." Concluding the thought, she added, "It is still very alive, I think."
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    Fortissimo Films Fun

    Of the many afternoon and evening beach parties that fill festivalgoers' schedules in Cannes, the annual Fortissimo Films bash (usually held at the Majestic Beach near the Palais) always draws a high-profile mix of folks. This year was no exception. Hanging on the resort's pier with company chiefs Wouter Barendrecht and Michael Werner, among others, was actress Tilda Swinton. Decked out in a shining silver dress, Swinton is starring in the leading sales company's "The Man From London,," debuting in competition in Cannes. Making the rounds at the bash, she also stopped for a chat and a photo with Cinetic Media's John Sloss. The dealmaker recently closed a major deal at the festival himself, selling James Gray's "We Own the Night" to Columbia Pictures for more than $11 million. Also spotted at the Fortissimo bash on the beach were Robert Rodriguez with Rose Macgowan (in town with Tarantino's "Death Proof"), Jim Jarmusch, and Cannes festival opening night director, Wong Kar Wai. Harvey Weinstein also made an appearance, but didn't stay long. The mogul swiftly made his way through the bash to the dock, chatted up Jarmusch and quickly stepped onto a small tender boat that presumably whisked him away to a yacht.
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    U2 in Cannes: Where the Streets Have French Names

    Over the 60 years of Cannes, the festival has had many iconic moments. From Brigitte Bardot posing on the beach in a bikini and Madonna slowly making her way to to the Palais in Galtier lingerie for a screening of "Truth or Dare" amidst a throng of fans, to rows of Stormtroopers lining the famous red steps for the world premiere of the final "Star Wars" film. Add to the list the sight of Irish rock band U2 performing live on the red carpet in Cannes earlier this week. Equipment was set up at the top of the stairs and after midnight a DJ began playing U2 songs as the crowd just got bigger and bigger. The band performed "Vertigo" and "Where the Streets Have No Name" before walking into the Lumiere theater for their 1 a.m. world premiere of "U2 3D" (by Catherine Owens and Mark Pellington), but not before Bono could salute the festival, "Bon anniversaire, Cannes!" he yelled. Here, Bono waives to fans as he gets into his car at the Majestic Hotel before the big night.
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    Dawn Hudson and Tom Ortenberg on a yacht

    Film Independent executive director Dawn Hudson and Lionsgate president Tom Ortenberg aboard the Budweiser yacht in Cannes Monday evening. Film Independent hosted the party complete with champagne, hors d'oeuvres and cute flowers floating in the small pool (a la "Love Boat") offering a respite from the wheeling and dealing of Cannes. The Los Angeles Film Festival, organized by FIND, takes place June 21 - July 1 in LA's Westwood neighborhood and will kick off with Kasi Lemmons' "Talk To Me."
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    Kellerman and Krane on the Balcony

    Oscar-nominated actress Sally Kellerman ("MASH") and producer Jonathan Krane taking a respite on the balcony overlooking the Mediterranean in Cannes Monday afternoon. Krane recently partnered with "Gods and Monsters" producer Beau Rogers to form The Edge, a new film financing and production company that plans to produce and distribute 10 to 15 films per year for the next five years with budgets ranging from seven to ten million dollars. Kellerman will star in James Quattrochi's "The Prince and the Pauper," which is being produced by the new company.
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    Joshua Sinclair and Sybil Danning in the Sun

    Director Joshua Sinclair and Austrian actress Sybil Danning basking in the late afternoon sun at the American Pavilion in Cannes. Their latest project, "Jump," also starring Patrick Swayze, Martine McCutcheon and Ben Silverstone, centers on the story of famed LIFE magazine photographer Philippe Halsman.
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    Balcony Reception before "Riding With Elvis"

    Echo Bridge CEO Michael Rosenblatt (left) and D. Edward Stanley, step-brother to Elvis Presley at a cocktail party in the Palais over the weekend in Cannes. The small gathering to hear about the new film "Riding with Elvis" from the writer/director/producer, is recounted with Southern charm and a smile. As Elvis' younger step-brother, Stanley dropped out of high school at 16 to tour with the King. Four years ago, Edward Stanley decided to write about his experience and set out to tell the story "no one's ever heard" of what he calls "his Elvis."
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    Mexican Directors and Actors Gather for a Group Shot

    Left to right, actor Gael Garcia Bernal, Luis Mandoki, Guillermo del Toro, Pablo Cruz, Camia Sodi (green dress), Pamela Reiter (orange dress), Luz Cipieota (flower dress), Alfonso Cuaron and Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu at the Focus Features cocktail party Saturday evening at the Carlton Hotel. Cuaron, Del Toro and Inarritu recently announced their joint production company cha cha cha. So oo la la!
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    "11th Hour" Directors Before Premiere

    "11th Hour" co-directors Leila Conners-Petersen and Nadia Conners along with environmental expert Kenny Ausubel of Bioneers at the Hotel du Cap Saturday afternoon ahead of the premiere of their environmental doc. The film goes beyond the scope of global warming, sending a message that non-action will mean suicide for humanity as a species, while at the same time giving hope in new technologies that can reverse damage done. "We're not in need of saving the planet," said Leila giving context to the message in her film. "We need to save ourselves."
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    "A Via Lactea" and "Both" at Lunch on the Plage

    Brazilian director/producer Lina Chamie (second from right) traveled to Cannes for "A Via Lactea" (Through the Milky Way), which is screening in Critics Week. Joining Chamie for a nice lunch at Plage Razo (basically a beachside restaurant--a great day to spend the day) along the Croisette is assistant director Carolina Goncalves (right), co-producer Andre Klotzel (left) actress Andrea Estrella ("Both"), lead actor for "A Via Lactea" Marco Ricca, and "Both" director Bass Beche. Breche's short is also screening in Critics Week.
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    Leo's "11th Hour" Push in Cannes

    Leonardo DiCaprio and environmental expert David Orr did a round of interviews Saturday afternoon at the Hotel du Cap outside of Cannes in support of "The 11th Hour" by Leila and Nadia Conners, a doc that explores the full scale of humanity's impact on the environment. DiCaprio narrated and produced the film, which he described as a "home made movie without a pre-determined agenda." He also paid tribute to last year's successful global warming film "An Inconvenient Truth," saying, "In my ten years as an environmental activist, I've never seen such discussion out there on the subject, and that's because of Al Gore and 'An Inconvenient Truth.'" iW will publish more on the film and our discussion with Leo and the film's directors soon.
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    Jessica All Dressed up and Somewhere to Go

    Singer/actress Jessica Simpson caused quite a stir in Cannes Friday evening along the port where the Budweiser yacht hosted a party for her latest project, "Major Movie Star." A rambunctious two dozen or so photographers hung out for two hours before she arrived (really a "friendly and considerate" crew too...) While most of the photogs screamed her name, another (with thick Brit accent) screamed for her to "Show us some leg!!!!" Well, she posed and did her thing, minus the leg.
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    Maria and Matt Aboard Bud Yacht

    Actress Maria Menounos and SXSW Film Festival producer Matt Dentler aboard the Budweiser yacht in Cannes Friday night for the "Major Movie Star" party, a new film being touted here and starring Jessica Simpson. Menounos' short, "Longtime Listener," which she directed played at the 2006 SXSW.
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    Moore Brings "Sicko" to Cannes

    Michael Moore is back in Cannes again with his latest "Sicko," four years after receiving the Palme d'Or for "Fahrenheit 9/11." His latest takes on the U.S. health industry and so far, the word from Cannes by journalists who had seen the press screening in the morning was that the film is good. Moore does not figure as prominently in the film as he has in previous efforts.
  • Brian Brooks
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    Bingham and Spike on the Croisette

    Bingham Ray and director Spike Jonze at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival.
  • indieWIRE
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    Tilly at IETFF

    Actress Jennifer Tilly lent some glam last weekend at the International Emerging Talent Film Festival in Monaco where she served as a juror. The festival, headed by Marco Orsini (left) and Max Ryerson, is trying to provide a platform for new talent, especially from countries with nascent film industries. IETFF awarded Andres Bais' "Santana" its top prize.
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    Norah Jones and Wong Kar Wai at AmPav

    Wong Kar Wai greeted the press and others at the American Pavilion in Cannes today, joining Grammy Award winner Norah Jones, star of his new film. She was on hand to cut a ribbon for the official opening of the Pavilion and to join in on a panel discussion. The two seemed at ease as they answered questions regarding the director's first English-language film, "My Blueberry Nights," which opened the Cannes Film Festival Wednesday night. When asked about the experience of her first time acting, the singer/actress said that she was nervous at first on set but that Wong Kar Wai was a laid back director who suggested she not try to act. Wong added that he had told her to think of herself as a singer working with experienced musicians. When she started to act the rest of them would be able to fall into a rhythm with her. [Ashley Adams]
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    Gilmore, Kliot and Vicente

    More from Cannes 2006: Sundance Film Fest head Geoff Gilmore with HDNet Films' Joana Vicente and Jason Kliot at the Fortissimo Films party in Cannes.
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    Justin and Kenny

    More from Cannes 2006: Justin Bond (right) and Kenny Melman (who often perform as Kiki & Herb) play at the "Shortbus" party in Cannes.
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    ICM Duo

    More from Cannes 2006: ICM's Hal Sadoff and Sarah Lash (who recently joined the agency from IFC Films) at the Greene Street Films Party in Cannes at the Majestic Hotel.
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    Koh and Lau in Cannes

    More from Cannes 2006: Palm Pictures' David Koh and Fortissimo's Winnie Lau at the Fortissimo Films party in Cannes at the Majestic Hotel beach off the Croisette. Lau will be heading the new Fortissimo office in New York City later this year, where she will be relocating from the company's office in Hong Kong.
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    Jay Brannan Does the Martinez

    More from Cannes 2006: "Shortbus" co-star Jay Brannan performs at a party for the film in Cannes. So Hot! The "Shortbus" cast were frequent guests at a good number of the scads of Cannes parties this year.
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    Mateukewicz and Green

    More from Cannes 2006: Joe Mateukewicz from the newly renamed Paramount Vantage with CAA's Micah Green at the Paramount Vantage Party. The party was nice and by the beach... and very warm.
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    Pucci Does Two

    More from Cannes 2006: Actor Lou Taylor Pucci had a busy time in Cannes this year, starring in Richard Kelly's competition film "Southland Tales" and fellow competition title "Fast Food Nation" by Richard Linklater. Pucci is seen here at an afternoon yacht cocktail party for "Soutland Tales" looking dapper.
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    Cooke in Cannes

    More from Cannes 2006: Actress Rachel Leigh Cooke gives a nice smile at the party for "Fast Food Nation" in Cannes following the competition film's premiere.
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    All Aboard Fest Programmers

    More from Cannes 2006: Four festival programmers enjoyed the afternoon aboard the Budweiser yacht for the Film Independent party in Cannes, docked near the Palais des Festivals. Left to right: Sundance/CineVegas' Trevor Groth, Bird Runningwater (Sundance), Rachel Rosen (Los Angeles Film Festival) and Shazz Bennett from AFI Fest.
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    The Pre-party for the International Emerging Talent Film Festival

    More from Cannes 2006: Prior to the opening of Cannes, filmmaker/actor Max Ryerson (right) invited out some industry and press to tout next year's International Emerging Talent Film Festival in the Prinicpality of Monaco, which will be its home. Joining him was actor Billy Zane who is serving on the board for the fest that will take place the few days before the 2007 Festival de Cannes. The festival will seek out a select group of international "emerging" filmmakers that will receive attention from industry professionals.
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    2006 Festival de Cannes Jury

    A few of the jurors from the 2006 Festival de Cannes pose for photographers prior to the post awards ceremony press conference Sunday evening in France. From left to right: Lucrecia Martel, Elia Suleiman, Helena Bonham Carter, Wong Kar Wai and Monica Bellucci.
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    "Lying" in Cannes

    "Lying" director M. Blash and star Chloe Sevigny dart off from their party to attend a Directors Fortnight event. Sevigny appeared bright-eyed despite just arriving from the U.S. that day.
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    Samuel L. Jackson Fetes Film Independent

    Actor/director Samuel L. Jackson and Film Independent executive director Dawn Hudson aboard the Budweiser yacht for an evening party in the Port de Cannes for the organization, which hosts the annual Independet Spirit Awards and the upcoming Los Angeles Film Festival, opening June 22. Yacht parties are of course de rigeur in Cannes, and not a bad way to have some good food and champagne. Jackson served as a competition juror at this year's Festival de Cannes.
  • Brian Brooks
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    Schwartzman as King

    Jason Schwartzman in Cannes to promote "Marie Antoinette"
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    The Camel and the Croisette

    The Dubai International Film Festival held a bash on the beach touting its fest and invited a celeb on the beach for a photo call. The camel was reportedly from Normandy, so perhaps somewhat adjusted to the French way of life, though it did get a bit pissed off occasionally. One lucky New York publicist won a free first class trip to this year's DIFF which is held in the Emirate in December.
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    Pedro and Penelope

    Penelope Cruz and Spanish director Pedro Almodovar earlier this week in Cannes. Cruz stars in his latest film, "Volver," which screened in competition at the Festival de Cannes to much acclaim among festival attendees. Later in the week, the two took a stroll down the Croisette, causing a huge raucous with fans swarming for pics. Apparently, they were walking home from dinner.
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    "Southland" On the Boat

    Aboard the Budweiser boat at a party for "Southland Tales," co-stars Bai Ling and Zelda Rubenstein take in the scene. Richard Kelly directed the Cannes competition film.
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    SPC at Carlton

    Sony Pictures Classics co-president Michael Barker with Celluloid Dreams head Hengameh Panahi at the Carlton Beach Hotel announcing their deal for a new project.
  • indieWIRE
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    Stephen Kent Jusick with "Shortbus" star TK and the film's producer Howard Gertler

  • indieWIRE
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    The "Taxidermia" star at the Fortissimo Films party

    "Taxidermia" actor Marc Bischoff at the Fortissimo Films party earlier this week.
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    Gena a la Cannes

    Gene Rowlands during an on-stage coversation in Cannes.
  • indieWIRE
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    John Cameron Mitchell performs at the "Shortbus" party

  • indieWIRE
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    Strand Releasing Group at the Marche du Film Party

  • indieWIRE
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    Cruz in Cannes

    Penelope Cruz gave iPOP a lovely shot following a press luncheon at the Carlton Beach restaurant in Cannes in support of her role in "Volver" by Pedro Almodovar. The competition film has a huge buzz in Cannes and word on the Croisette is that Cruz has a good shot at the best actress prize here. Almodovar admitted during the roundtable chats with journalists that he had an attraction for Cruz. "Look, everybody knows I'm gay," said Almodovar. "But this is the first time since 1984 that I've had a physical attraction toward a woman." Cruz laughed it off later though, saying that he was just trying to be provocative.
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    Van Sant Je 'Taime

    We were completely tickled pink to have director Gus Van Sant finally making his iPOP debut. He took part in the fun at the "Shortbus" party Sunday night and watched the performances of Kiki & Herb, John Cameron Mitchell (who directed the film) as well as others who appeared in the movie, which is quite a revolutionary delight by the way. Van Sant is in Cannes where the festival is screening his 1985 film "Mala Noche" in a retrospective. He won the Palme d'Or in 2003 for "Elephant," which actor Elias Comfort McConnell (left) appeared in. He also is featured in this year's "Paris je t'aime," which is screening at this year's fest. Van Sant directed the "4th arrondissement" section of the film.
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    Hope to Get Toast

    The Hamptons International Film Festival hosted an afternoon soiree at the swank Plage de Palme near the international village by the sea over the weekend. Hamptons executive director Denise Kasell (middle) announced that producer Ted Hope (left) will be this year's "Toast" tribute during the fest, taking place this year October 18 - 22 in the tony communities of the Hamptons in Long Island, NY. Joining in the pic are the fest's director of programming, Rajendra Roy, and Pat Kaufman from the New York State Governor's Office of Motion Picture and Television Development.
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    "Shortbus" Rocks the Croisette

    "Shortbus" director John Cameron Mitchell and actress Sook-Yin Lee, who starred in the film, arriving at a party for their film Sunday night seaside in Cannes. The film was a favorite of many indieWIRE friends attending the festival, and quite frankly, the film made us proud once again to be American. The party kicked ass too!
  • indieWIRE
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    The Croisette Puts on Some Make up

    "Shortbus" director John Cameron Mitchell paid tribute to a previous incarnation, singing two songs from the "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" days at a party for "Shortbus" at the Martinez beach off the Croisette. The party itself was quite a revolutionary event for being in the south of France. Following the performace, which also featured New York drag act Kiki & Herb, attendees danced to tunes ranging from The Smiths to Bauhaus (Has Cannes ever heard "Bella Lugosi's Dead" from Bauhaus?)
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    Sting and Styler "Recognizing Your Saints"

    Celebrating their film "A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints" at a cocktail party in Cannes are executive producer Sting, First Look Pictures president Ruth Vitale, producer Trudie Styler and First Look Studios CEO Henry Winterstern. The party, held poolside at the Majestic Hotel off the Croisette, masked the insanity of fans and bystanders outside. The hotel almost didn't let us in until we were rescued by a film rep. Sting and Ms. Styler were at the annual rainforest concert the night before in New York, which she organizes.
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    I've Sipped Champagne on a Yacht...

    Spending a pleasant evening aboard Chris Blackwell's yacht (Palm Pictures and the Golden Eye Film Festival), Venice International Film Festival head Marco Mueller and Miami International Film Festival executive director Nicole Guillemet. People came and went casually throughout the evening Saturday.
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    Gore in Cannes

    Former U.S. Vice President Albert Gore joined the party for Paramount Pictures Friday afternoon off the Croisette. Gore is the subject of Davis Guggenheim's global warming documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" which is screening in Cannes. Gore and his wife Tipper chatted casually with party attendees.
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    Catalina Does Cannes

    Oscar-nominated best actress Catalina Sandino Moreno ("Maria Full of Grace") at the after-party following the premiere of Richard Linklater's "Fast Food Nation" Friday night. The party for the film was held off the Croisette late-night in one of the ubiquitous pavilions that line the beach in Cannes. (Also pictured is Ethan Hawke's back of the head.
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    "Fast Food Nation" in Cannes

    "Fast Food Nation" director Richard Linklater hanging out with South by Southwest Film Festival (SXSW) producer Matt Dentler at the after party for Linklater's film Friday night in Cannes. Both Linklater and Dentler serve on the Austin Film Society board together, which Linklater founded. The party was a good one.
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    Noah and John at Grand Hotel

    Toronto International Film Festival co-director Noah Cowan (right) with IFC Center (New York) head John Vanco hanging out at the Grand Hotel Friday night in Cannes. The Grand Hotel's ground floor bar continues to be a popular nightspot following the parties for the North American fest attendees. The space got a facelift from its former '70s shabby chic.
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    Zhang is the Young One

    27 year-old actress Zhang Ziyi ("Memoirs of a Geisha") is one of the youngest serving jurors ever in the main competition at the Cannes Film Festival, a topic that wasn't lost among some journalists at the jurors press conference Wednesday afternoon in the Palais de Festivals. Juror president Wong Kar-wai had a quick ciggy in the lobby (background).
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    Bellucci in the Palais

    Italian actress Monica Bellucci ("The Passion of the Christ") gets her photo snapped as she leaves a press conference for the main jury in the Palais de Festivals Wednesday afternoon. Bellucci said during the discussion that she feels "privileged" to be working in a job that allows her to be exposed to many cultures and considers Italian, French and American cinema among her favorites.
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    "Da Vinci"'s Pyramid

    Perhaps the Luxor casino resort in Las Vegas is the inspiration for the venue that will house the "Da Vinci Code" party Wednesday night following its premiere? The luminous pyramid is located near old port in Cannes and will surely be a fun party for the lucky invitees (we're not among them). Incidentally, the "Da Vinci Code" crew reportedly broke a Guiness Book of World Records record for the longest continuous international train trip after traveling to Cannes from London via the Chunnel following a press conference in the British capital.
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    The Nun and the "Da Vinci Code"

    A nun attracted some relatively big attention after setting up her own make-shift shrine in front of the main steps of the Palais de Festivals in Cannes and said the Rosary in "protest" of the Cannes Film Festival's opening night film, "The Da Vinci Code" by Ron Howard. Workers were still laying down the red carpet on the steps, which will be the focus prior to the gala premiere for the film Wednesday evening.

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