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Cold War 2

In this sequel to the 2012 Hong Kong megahit, rival police chiefs battle it out both on the streets and at the station, kicked off by a psychotic killer’s desperate escape attempt.

Dangerous Liaisons

As war looms in Shanghai, glamorous libertine MO JIEYU (Cecilia Cheung) runs into playboy XIE YIFAN (Jang Dong-Gun), an ex boyfriend who’s never stopped loving her, and persuades him to play a treacherous game. Xie must seduce the innocent and naïve DU FENYU (Zhang Ziyi) and then dump her. But the game becomes increasingly dangerous as Xie falls in love with Du, and it will lead them all towards tragic and shocking consequences.

Set in 1930s Shanghai – the glamorous, tumultuous “Paris of the East” – this is an adaptation of the French novel ‘Les Liaisons Dangereuses’ by Choderlos de Laclos, upon which Dangerous Liaisons (1988), which starred Glenn Close and John Malkovich, was also based. {Synopsis courtesy of ArcLightFilms]

The Last Time I Saw Macao

Part memoir, part city symphony, part noir-ish B-movie adventure, the new feature from critically acclaimed Portuguese filmmaking duo João Pedro Rodrigues and João Rui Guerra da Mata (To Die Like a Man) is a sensual, shape-shifting ode to one of the world’s most mythic, alluring and exoticized cities. [Synopsis courtesy of TIFF]

The Midnight After

A night like any other in the streets of Hong Kong: in the midst of the tangle of night-owls, cars and vendors, a group of passengers climbs aboard a minibus that is to take them from Mongkok to Tai Po. The group is as diverse as the city: there’s a young man on drugs, an arguing couple, a woman with prayer beads and a girl who has just fallen in love. And behind the wheel sits the chatty driver. But as the bus emerges from a tunnel, everything is suddenly quite still: the streets and buildings are all empty and there’s not a soul to be seen; it’s as if everyone has suddenly been swallowed by the earth. Only the millions of neon lights continue to blink, as if nothing has happened. The eclectic group of passengers seek refuge in a deserted café and discuss what they should do. Then they make an horrific discovery… [Synopsis courtesy of Berlinale]