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My Name is Salt

For an endless eight months every year, Sanabhai and his family labor in the desert of Little Raan, India to draw salt from the barren land. They are part of a tradition of salt farming that stretches back generations and has barely changed over the years. It is demanding work, coaxing the delicate salt crystals out of the briny earth, and for Sanabhai, everything is riding on this year’s harvest. [Synopsis courtesy of LA Film Festival]

The Good Road

Pappu is a truck driver. Supporting his parents and extended family is beyond his means. Now, he has been presented a plan. An accident will be staged. Pappu will “die”. Insurance payments are substantial.David and Kiran, a middle class urban couple, with their son Aditya, are on a holiday. Aditya will be accidentally separated from them during a brief halt at a Dhaba. And his loss will only be discovered several hours, and several hundred kilometers later. They must double back to find him. Poonam is an 11-year old-year-old child from the city.