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Lynette Howell

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    The 8 Keys to a Successful Post-Production, From the Producer of 'Blue Valentine' and 'Half Nelson'

    As the force behind Silverwood Films, Lynette Howell has produced some of the most distinctive and successful independent movies of the last six years: “Half Nelson,” “The Greatest,” “Blue Valentine,” “On the Ice,” “Terri” and “28 Hotel Rooms.”

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    Producers of 'Tree of Life,' 'Blue Valentine,' 'Paradise Lost' Share Insights on How to Get Your Movie Made

    Fundraising is a massive topic of discussion not only on this site but in the independent film community in general. Links to Kickstarter campaigns and other ways to contribute to a particular project feature prominently as part of our Project of the Day series and in other features that Indiewire r...

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