What Does Being In the Awards Conversation Really Mean to Contenders?

"It's like gravy on top of a sumptuous meal that I've already gotten to have."

"Inside Out" director Pete Docter might have said it best when asked to describe the feeling of being in the awards conversation for his latest Pixar masterpiece. For Docter, and plenty of other talents just like him, making something he's passionate about that other people are passionate enough that they want to bestow awards on it, well, that's gravy. Or a cherry on top. Or some other kind of fun food metaphor.

One thing is for sure, though, it's a good thing.

As the awards season winds down this week with Sunday night's Academy Awards, it's important to look back on some of the year's greatest cinematic success stories and remember that sometimes, just being considered really is the greatest honor of all.

Below, some of our favorite contenders join Indiewire and Movies on Demand's Awards Season Spotlight to talk about what being in the awards conversation really means to them, gravy and all.


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