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Colin Trevorrow

  • Caryn James

    Can Aubrey Plaza Time Travel? 'Safety Not Guaranteed'

    Safety Not Guaranteed is not a sci-fi movie, even though the story is about a group of reporters following up on an ad for a partner to time-travel with: “Must bring your own weapons. Safety not guaranteed.” And it’s not a Duplass Brothers film even though the droll, low-key s...

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  • The Playlist

    Aubrey Plaza, Mark Duplass & Jake Johnson To Star In 'Safety Not Guaranteed'

    We probably don't need to tell you about our admiration for Aubrey Plaza, and we're glad to see the actress rightfully getting her due with the lead role in the upcoming "The Hand Job" featuring a wealth of comedic talent. But another project, also featuring Plaza, will mount first and she's joined ...

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