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Crank 3

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    Mark Neveldine & Brian Taylor Say There's Already Talks About A 'Ghost Rider 3'; Still Considering 'Crank 3D'

    There is no doubt when watching a movie directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, that it was made by anybody else. The pair made their name with kinetic and electric "Crank" films, and recently graduated to comic tenptoles, helming the upcoming "Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance." Known for their...

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    Mark Neveldine Says 'Crank 3' "Will Happen" & He Wants Idris Elba To Join Jason Statham

    While talking to British movie magazine Empire, Mark Neveldine, one half of the Neveldine/Taylor directorial partnership behind the two "Crank" movies, has let slip some information that will allow us to all sleep a little more peacefully tonight. Yes, by god, they want to make a "Cra...

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