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    Alfonso Cuarón Not Directing 'Fantastic Beasts,' Doesn't Want VFX Heavy Project

    Last week saw a flurry of rumors greet "Gravity" director Alfonso Cuarón. First came word that he was in talks to direct "Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find To Them," and was followed a few days later by more news that Warner Bros. was offering him "The Shining" prequel "Overlook Hotel." But it woul...

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    Redrum: Warner Bros. Eyeing Prequel To 'The Shining' While Stephen King Is Working On A Sequel

    So, which would you rather see at this point, because at least one of them is coming: the story of Jack Torrance before the events at the Overlook Hotel or what happens to Danny afterward? If your answer is "neither," well too bad, because at least one of these is getting made. Maybe both.

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