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    2 Academy Award Winners Be Damned, 50 Cent Ruins Movies: Trailer For 'Freelancers' With Robert De Niro & Forest Whitaker

    50 Cent is a financial titan. The rapper has expanded his brand into sneakers, books, body spray, condoms, vitamin water, energy drinks and, of course, film production via his Cheetah Vision production company. And that's what we're here to talk about. You see, while 50 Cent likes to make mo...

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  • The Playlist

    Robert De Niro Is Going To Make Another Movie With 50 Cent For Some Reason

    Forest Whitaker Also Circling RoleFor the love of god Robert De Niro, fire your agent. The once-esteemed actor, who has spent the most part of the last decade or two slogging it out in one mediocre picture after another, apparently doesn't know a good movie anymore even if it walks up and bites him ...

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