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Maroon 5

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    Watch: Video For Maroon 5's 'One More Night' Directed By Peter Berg & Featuring Minka Kelly

    After bringing a board game to life in this summer's bellyflop "Battleship," Peter Berg decided to give himself another challenge, one arguably harder than bringing a board game to the big screen: he has to make you belive that Adam Levine is a sensitive boxer. That's right, block ...

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    Yay: Quentin Tarantino Wins First Critics Choice Music+Film Award Nay: Maroon 5 Will Play Tribute

    The Broadcast Film Critics Association have created a new honor, the Critics' Choice Music+Film Award, that will be handed to a filmmaker who finds the sweet spot between music and film. Ok, that's pretty cool and no surprise really that Quentin Tarantino, a man who knows how to curate a soundtrack, has been selected to be the first recipient of the award. Pretty much everyone in the '90s had the "Pulp Fiction" soundtrack and in all of his subsequent films, Tarantino has shown a smart and clever ear for song choices and placement in his films. So this all makes sense, sounds right and it seems like this new award is getting started right. Alm...

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