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"About a Boy" - FYC Clip : "About a Boy" struck me as a strange book/film adaptation for TV when I first heard of its development. After all, the previous versions follow a rather deliberate line of growth for our lead character, tracking him as he changes from a selfish "one man is an island" Lothario to a father-esque mature adult (obviously, the boy they refer to in the title isn't the younger of the two leads). I imagined a show extending that development as rather tiring -- how long can we wait for one man to grow up? Instead, Katims wisel forces the friendship rather quickly and the maturation process is appropriately amplified. The show got better as it went along after starting in a great place making us all quite eager for Season 2. While Minnie Driver seems to be the only element of the show with a shot at Emmy, I'd rather see this freshman series honored than "Brooklyn Nine-Nine."

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