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'Bitter Moon' Trailer : Polanski’s most underrated film, "Bitter Moon" is a bit of a reworking of his debut "Knife in the Water" – both are set on ships (this one on a cruise ship), and both deal with relationships strained by heightened sexuality. "Bitter Moon" takes Polanski's aesthetic to a greater extreme, starting with a tongue-in-cheek softcore haze and campy tone that culminates with Emmanuelle Seigner pouring milk over her breasts to the tune of George Michael's "Faith," then taking the audience out of their false sense of security to uncomfortable territory like Peter Coyote wearing a pig mask and crawling on all fours or Coyote and Seigner's intense emotional cruelty towards each other. Their uninhibited sleaziness contrasts perfectly with Hugh Grant and Kristen Scott Thomas's milquetoast couple, showing how an extreme relationship can mirror a milder one, with both ultimately hinging on games of power between lovers. [A-]

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