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"Faking It" - FYC Clip : I have to admit, I wasn't exactly excited for this show when we heard its premise: Two straight girls fake being lesbians to become more popular at high school? In the hands of MTV, god only knew where something like that could go. But the show -- which finished its first season a few weeks ago -- was impressively way more complicated than that, and got better with every episode. Set at a progressive high school in Austin, Texas, "Faking It" is probably as insightful as it gets when it comes to portraying youth on television. It sort of feels like a more melancholic, more transgressive, and certainly much more gay version of the cult WB series "Popular." And that's a major compliment, though one I can't imagine Emmy voters will second. Largely because I'd bet 95% of them haven't even heard of the show.

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